Nova 4 yrs

(all images shot on portra 400 with a canon eos3 and contax645)

Today I left on a work trip to Park City. You were wanting to give me a kiss and hug every 5 minutes as I got ready. We chatted as I packed my bags and dried my hair. You showed me your owies and asked if you could put on perfume and lipgloss. I kept asking out loud which book I should bring and you would excitedly say, “Oh Mom! I have the perfect book for you!” as you would run off and bring me back a book on underwater sea life or a book about woodpeckers. This morning you wanted to have a picnic on the ground for breakfast. I made you crepes and we sat around the world you created on the floor at 7 in the morning. Me loving on you and your brother and dad. Me missing you already.

What a year you have had.

Some moments were slow and savored

others happened in the blink of an eye.

3-4yrs has been an explosion of conversation and understanding.

We talk all day long together.

In the mornings you bound into our room talking non-stop in a mid-day voice. You talk about your jammies or how you slept. I ask about your dreams. You make jokes and laugh at yourself. You kiss and tease brother as he breastfeeds. One of you on each side snuggled into me. It is the time of the day where my heart feels the most full. I like being able to touch all the people I love the most at the same time.

You made your first big move (that you will remember) this last year, California to Kauai.

Since moving to this tropical paradise you have attended three different preschools as we have searched for the right fit.

All your teachers comment on how emotionally aware you are. And how well you talk. It feels like most of the kids in your classes sound younger than you. Maybe its the fact that you say things like , “I’m feeling a little sensitive”. Or maybe it’s because you have chosen to be a doctor when you grow up. “I’m Super Nova. I save people.” Whatever it is I feel proud that you are who you are and can express yourself so well. It makes things easier.

You have made so many friends at school and I love hearing you tell stories about them. As hard as it is to have you away from us 3 days a week, I love knowing you are making friends and LOVING your time with them. There have only be a couple days since you started school that you haven’t wanted to go.

There is rarely guessing how you feel. We know.

You are loud and bold and happy and sad and shy and interested and active.

You are creative and imaginative and enjoy your alone time as much as your social time.

You are a mix of almost everything. You are human.

I love being able to stand back and listen to you play. I love the worlds you create with seemingly nothing. I love hearing the conversations your dolls have and the way you soothe your babies to sleep.

There is something about being so close to a person that at times they don’t even realize you are there because of how comfortable you are around each other. I do not take this for granted. I am honored that you trust me enough to completely ignore me at times while you talk to yourself.

I am also grateful for the trust you have in expressing strong emotion around me. I never want any of my children to feel alone with hard and intense feelings because they feel a fear of judgement or lack of acceptance. I consider it the highest compliment when you allow me to support you during your hardest moments. Knowing that I love you (maybe even more) during the storm.

After the clouds clear it is so nice to be able to recap what happened and how we felt. Realizing together that those feelings passed and we survived!! Allowing you to work through all your feelings instead of trying to distract or avoid has given you the chance to see that you are brave and that those feelings aren’t to be feared.

Thank you for all the wonderful lessons we get to learn together.

You really truly are one of my best friends.

You love telling jokes.

One of your favorites this year was “Cows go on their first date to the mooooovies”. You are also learning knock knock jokes which has been fun.

You LOVE helping in the kitchen. You set the table, pour us water. You like to help stir, crack eggs, season. You love being a part of the process and helping to make decisions. You at times can even be quite bossy about where everyone sits while we eat. Thinking you might run your own cafe someday.

If asked you will say your favorite foods are chocolate and ice cream. But just for the record, you eat those two things very sparingly.

You have never been a big bread eater and still just eat the cheese out of the middle of the tortilla. You live off of eggs and cheese and still a fair amount of milk. You also like meat quite a bit, which is adorable for some reason. Most of the time when your dad and I make a meal for you, you thank us. So much sweetness and gratitude in your little self.

Bubbas and you share a room in our home up Kahiliholo. We were not sure how it would all work but you two wow’d us with how easy it has been.

We are renting a home and you like to tell people “There are horses on our property”. And there are are! It has been so fun for us to feed the horses and see them all day from our windows.

You flit around our yard visiting the horses, Ella, the macaw, and staining your bare feet with more red dirt.

Your favorite beach is Kalihwai.

You love digging holes with daddy and trying to catch minnows.

You want to introduce yourself to every young child you see, especially if they are girls.

Dogs make you a little nervous after a couple have chased you at the beach.

You only like to wear one pieces, I think because they are more comfortable to wear.

You like to climb over the lava rocks and pretend that we are mermaids.

I love seeing you so happy and free at these beautiful beaches I love so much. So happy we can live somewhere, where outside play is easy.

You still love princesses and playing chase non-stop. If anyone ever wants to play chase you are up for it. You and dad and bubs will run circles in our house.

You have requested a superhero birthday party. You want it at home and really wanted to watch a movie…but I am trying to persuade you to play some games instead. You also want flounder (little mermaid) cupcakes.

Naps aren’t happening that much anymore. We still do rest time but you spend a fair amount of that time begging for a show. We usually end up snuggling in bed while I try and rest and you roll around on me. Sometimes I think you don’t want to nap because its the time in the day when you can have alone time with dad and me.

When we first moved to Hawaii, we found out we were pregnant on the Big Island while we were there. 10 weeks later we miscarried. We explained it to you in terms of seeds growing and some not growing. You asked lots of questions and we included you in the process. We almost immediately got pregnant again and now I am 19 weeks pregnant (as I write this 2/6/15)!! You have been to an ultrasound with me and couldn’t be more thrilled. Due early July.

You often talk to my belly telling the baby how much you love him. You tell him jokes and blow kisses on my belly. You are also very aware of the fact that sometimes when moms are growing babies they feel sick and tired and you often check in with me to make sure my “belly doesn’t feel sick”.

Seeing you and Fairbanks over Christmas with your cousin Hazel made me so excited for another little baby in our home. You two lived to make her smile.

You are such a loving and fun big sister to Fairbanks. He copies your every move. You two love to wrestle and climb like monkeys on the beds and window frames. Sometimes you hold hands while we drive. Of course you like to test your control over him (like any big sibling would) but you also share and bring him toys when he is sad and really more than anything love playing with him. It has been nice to see him getting old enough to be your occasional playmate. I can see the relationship between you two growing more and more.

He calls you Sissy and you call him Bubbies most of the time. He loves seeing you when you come home from school and you love to be the first to walk into his room when he wakes up from naps.

I watch your every move…like any obsessed mother does.

I see your strong resilient body move with such skill as you skip, run, scooter and climb.

I see your mind working as you listen to a story or see a child in need.

I see your problem solving skills develop as you come up with solutions, “Ummm, I have an idea!”

I see your big smile and sparkling blue eyes look at me with wonder when I catch you off guard with silliness.

I hear you sing happily to yourself with made up words about the things you love.

I watch you with wonder and with my deep deep deep deep deep never-ending well of love.

What a treasure you are in our family. Always the brightest star. Always my sweet side-kick.

Lets run and jump and roll in sand more this year. Lets laugh more and listen closer.

I can’t wait to know you more and love you more.

Happy 4yrs sweet pickle.



Salisbury Family- San Francisco, CA

Just another amazing, causal, REAL, family lifestyle session.

We just walked around the Ferry building, chatting, swapping stories and capturing some great moments of this family of three being together.

Man, I love my job.

If you are interested in a lifestyle family shoot at your home or at one of your favorite locations, email me at

(shot on a contax 645 on kodak portra 400. Developed and scanned by The Find Lab)


Lowe Family

Often after I shoot a family with small children (specifically toddlers and newborns) I have to reassure the parents that although it felt like a tornado, we did in fact get some really great shots. Every hair won't be in place and all faces smiling at the camera is a rarity BUT we get something even better. We get something with movement and emotion and smiles and tears. We get something real. We created something that you can all look back on years from now and say with confidence "that's what life felt like". To me, that matters way more than creating something fictitious, but then again, I have never been one for faking it.

Thank you to my friends Sarah and Alex for having me document your new family of four. So much happiness going on between all of you. AND Sarah is a stylist and has mad style. I am mildly obsessed with her nursery.

If anyone is interested in having me photography a lifestyle session with your family, email me at

(shot with a contax 645 on Kodak portra 400 film. Developed and scanned by the FIND lab)



Family of Three- Burlingame, CA

So fun being able to photograph a family through so many different stages. I photographed their wedding, being pregnant and now photos of them with their sweet 1yr old. The topics of conversation at each of our shoots changes as well...this time it was all poop and sleeping schedules....AND I was loving every second of it!

You are such a great family. Thank you for letting me capture this sweet time for you.




Grewal Family

I don't know if it's the fact that their kids are just about the same age as mine, but when I photograph this family I feel so sentimental. And I am looking at the exact same stage my family is in and I can deeply relate. And the personalities of our kids are so similar too. Holland is fun and vivacious. She loves to interact and shine her amazing personality all over the place. And Rowan (only a month older than my Fairbanks) you will fall madly in love with. This little survivor has already got through two open heart surgeries. He is the epitome of sweetness, love, and acceptance. It is impossible to not want to kiss and squeeze him constantly.

I just feel like I have so much in common with them, except, I have no idea what it must be like to spend the first months of your child's life in hospitals and in and out of surgeries. Watching them go through this as a family has been so awe inspiring. They have so much peace and trust with the cards they have been dealt. I only hope that if I ever have to support my family through something similar I will be able to power through like they have.

It's hard to understand what all the question marks they have must feel like, but there is one piece that I do understand...that I do share with them. The knowledge that every day is a gift. Being a mother, to me, feels like constantly being on the brink of life and death. That may sound morbid but I don’t mean it to be. Being in this place feels so close to something unworldly. Something near perfect. Something sacred and awfully close to another side.

Giving birth is the one time when I feel like I am in between those two worlds. In those powerful moments before that babe is in your arms, you have to get as close to the other side as possible, reaching out..reaching as far as you can from your side until you feel a little hand clasp your own. Then it’s your job to keep that little hand alive. Saying it’s overwhelming is an understatement.

Saying everyday is a gift doesn’t mean I think it’s “easy”.  I am tired, barely dressed, out of style, under-groomed. I have aged. My body looks different. My worries and the thoughts that occupy my mind aren’t small.  But I have focus. Focus that others can’t necessarily know or see. I know my job. I know my responsibility. I made my choice. They are mine and I can say without wavering, everyday I have with them is a gift.

This is what KC and I have in common. We both have little hands we get to love and care for.

I loving sharing this motherhood and parenthood journey with so many others. I love how connected and understood it helps me feel.

I value so much the opportunity I have to step inside someone's life as a photographer and create keepsake’s of this journey for them. I am so touched at the value my clients place on the love they share for each other and wanting to remember it.

This world is full of magnificent people and I get to raise two of them...and photograph the rest.








6 Months

Half a year has already passed with you. 6 months.

For some reason 6 months seems like the time when I have to let your newborness go.

You aren’t making that hard to do with all the moving you’re doing.

Yep, you crawl.

Yes, I am proud of you...but there is a part of me that wishes you would just be helpless a little while longer.

Also, baby proofing is stressful.

Now that you can move everything could be a choking hazard and a potential surface for bonks.

With this new found freedom, sister has taken it as her cue to get physical. It’s like she knows you can handle it and wrestle hugs you any chance she gets.

Warms my heart she loves having a buddy.

Today at storytime at the library we swear she was a little proud showing you off. She keep hugging and kissing you and trying to move you back closer to us when you would crawl away. She is your keeper. She loves you so.

So you crawl. Kind of can’t get over it.

You sit too but are still tipsy.

It’s fun to see things you want and to watch you go for them. Over pillows, other know what you want and can get there fast.

You also have pulled yourself to standing! 6 months old and you stand holding onto stuff.

You have super human baby strength.

Favorite toys seem to be anything Nova may want to play with (shocker), empty cardboard film boxes, plastic (you’re not allowed), our feet, shoes and little plastic babies. I love watching you suck on their heads like you are a giant.

You also want to eat. I am trying not to let you, but it’s hard since you try to grab everything.

BFing is just so much easier..and less messy. Sigh.

So far you have tried banana (your first food!), avocado, mango, applesauce, carrots and the other day you were pounding the peach and mango soft serves from our favorite vegan place in Laguna Beach. “More! More!”, your eyes said.

Even in your most tired or most cranky moments, if I look at you you’ll smile.

You are not much of a cuddler unless you are drinking or sleeping. Constantly giving us the arm-bar wanting to face out and see what all the fuss is about.

You will walk around cheek to cheek with me. Love.

Lots of talking...or I should say grunting. You are such a little bear cub.

After our Utah trip we headed up to Big Sur for a wedding I was shooting. You adjusted so well to all the different sleeping arrangements.

The funniest part is us still dragging your swing everywhere for you to sleep in.

Any day you are going to grow out of that thing. The seat belt is getting tighter and tighter.

You still sleep most of the night on me, in my arms or next to me. Love having you close to me all night long.

You search around for my hand when you are eating and grasp onto my finger. TIGHT. Everytime you eat you do this now. Wanting to hold my hand. I die.

You are proudly wearing 6 month sized clothes and looking mighty handsome in whatever you have on.

Sister calls you baby brother and buddy most of the time. I probably call you sweet boy the majority of the time and I think dad calls you buddy a lot...but I can’t be sure.

You don’t like wind, especially cold wind--freaked us out at Pfeiffer Beach a couple weeks ago hyperventilating in the cool beach wind.

You are such a light. Smiling your squinty smile at anyone who cares to look.

I can’t look at you enough or kiss you enough or tell you I love you enough.

My favorite is waking up next to you. After a long night of teething and eating and getting start waking up before you even open your eyes. You stretch, rub your eyes (like crazy), grunt and then slowly, so slowly open your sleepy eyes. When our eyes meet, you smile. You aren’t surprised to see me inches from your face. I can tell you expect it. Like if I wasn’t there you would wonder, but having me there is what makes sense. Then we wake up together, smiling some more, talking and me kissing your neck while giving you my mama bear grunt.

For the last few months we have this thing were I help you throw your arms around my neck while I say, “hug hug hug hug hug!”, with one of your cheeks against mine, and then we switch and do the other side. You smile your big open mouth slobbery smile. Your eyes shining.

Loving you and caring for you is such a blessing.

I just love you so much,



Dunn Family

It all started on their wedding day and now I am hoping we make this a yearly ritual. Photographing this family is magic.

Their sweet girl smiled if I even looked at her. One year olds are the best. Photographing them brought back sweet memories of when it was just the three of us, Grant, me and Nova. I am so grateful there are photographs to help us celebrate and remember all of the different stages of our lives.

Couldn't love these three more. Pretty light follows them wherever they go.

(look how many great shots you can get in just a 30min shoot!!)

Greenwood Family

One of the best perks about my career is that it allows me a reason to reconnect with friends.

Amber was one of my closest friends in high school. I remember the first time I saw her in middle school...I thought she was the prettiest, coolest girl at Indian Hills. I also thought there was no way she would ever want to be friends with me (It's hard being 13). Turns out she did want to be my friend! We danced together from middle school through high school and since our dance schedules started early in the morning to sometimes late at night, we spent a lot of time with each other.

After high school, our paths went different ways and we lost touch a little...but I am happy to say I have been able to photograph her family a few times and being around her feels exactly the same. She is still the prettiest, coolest girl I know. Just love her and her sweet demeanor.

I have to rub my eyes and look again when viewing these images because she looks exactly the same except she has 5 boys hanging off of her. So amazing to see the families my friends create.

This was just one of my 30min shoots and I wish I could have caught up for hours. Next time I am in Midway Amber, I am calling you up! xxoo

5 Months

Oh my. I love you so much.

If someone just looks at you, you smile.

Your smile is pure joy.

Your needs are so simple and your intentions are so pure.

Holding you is free therapy.

Just holding you makes everything so much better than whatever it was like before I was holding you.

I know that all of this time I get to hold and love on you will change. I know you won’t fall to sleep on me I am really trying to savor it. Every once in a while after you fall asleep eating with me, I will lift up the blanket to look at your sleeping feet, crossed at the ankles, your chubby hand, spread across my chest. Your full belly, moving in and out with you breathing against skin.

I know my memory will fade but I can read this and remember that for those few seconds that I adored you while you slept, loving you was all that mattered.

You are moving so so much.

You can get wherever you want by pushing up to your hands and knees and then propelling yourself forward. Your dad and I like to joke that we are breeding a race of super humans.

You like to lounge on your side and be propped in sitting position between my legs.

You are a major jumper like your sister. Constant jumping from sun up til sun down.

Unless you are eating or sleeping what’s the point of being held like a baby?

You are a big boy now and prefer to be treated like one.

You are so great at grasping everything and exploring with your mouth.

Your favorite position is hands clasped together in prayer position, in your mouth. While your eyes twinkle with the excitement at being able to gnaw on your fingers.

Carrying you around in the carrier is starting to wear me out a little. So funny! Your sister was so much lighter than you I never noticed...but you are a bit heftier. I love it.

I love your weight and how it feels to hold you.

You are way interested in food, so we have let you try banana and pineapple. You are kind of obsessed. I feel bad, but I don’t want to really start feeding you solids yet. Want you to stay a baby.

You grew out of your Puj tub in the sink so we have started bathing you with Nova. It is kind of chaotic with all the soap and slippery skin but you are all smiles.

I think since you are starting to move more, sister is getting a little more physical with you and likes to roll you to where she wants you to be.

Sometimes she loves hard with big squeezes that never end and gritted teeth through which she is baby talking to you.

We stay close by to make sure her wrestling stays “fun”...and I have admit it is kind of awesome to see you two “playing” with eachother. So glad you have each other.

The cutest thing EVER: If she is jumping on the bed and one of us holds you and jumps you facing her, you laugh everytime. Then you both do bums and she wants us to drop you on top of her chest like you are getting her. We do this over and over until my arms are burning from keeping you in mid air for so long.

I am willing to bet there is NO sound better than a baby laugh. Anyone care to challenge that?

I want to shoot more videos of you, more still photos, more shots of your sister and you together. More shots of us together, more images of the whole family. Truth be told I wish there was a way to have a still frame of every second of everyday. It is so hard to edit what moments I want to photograph and what moments I just need to remember. Feels like torture.

I love being your mom so much I don’t want to forget what your face looks like when you wake up..or when you fall asleep, or when sister gets really loud or when I tickle you and your face turns into sunshine.

Both, you and your sister, have the best faces.

We are still holding on to the swing. You sleep most naps in it and start your night in it.

Sometimes you sleep short diddys during the day in our bed but swing is king. Kind of scared of what happens when you outgrow it..which is in our near future.

Love sleeping with you, I do. But the last month I have been more tired because you are up more. Every night from about 2:30-3:30am you usually have to poop (Sorry TMI) and it keeps you up. Usually you are happy enough, not crying but just can’t get comfortable. Poor dude. Poor Mom. But I know  it will change again by the time I blink.

We went on your first road trip this last week to Utah. You were a champ.

Traveling with little ones is a lot of work but so worth it to have you all with me. I always prefer you close enough that I can kiss.

You are wearing 6-9mos clothes and we just moved you up to size 3 diapers. After 4 nights in a row of you blowing out of diapers we were like “duh”!

If you wake up crying, which you do on occasion, you cough a lot while we are picking you up. Not sure that you really have to cough seems like a bit of dramatics and I eat it up.

You also LOVE touching and grabbing faces.

The other night I was feeding you to sleep and after your belly was full but you were still awake, I just laid you next to me and I sang to you while you cooed at me while looking in my eyes and touching my cheek. I was so in love.

You also like to talk while you eat sometimes too. You will stay latched on but babble about something and then go on eating. Just so you know I am always listening.

Sister has started asking “What does Ba-ga-ga mean?” When you make a sound that sounds similar. “What does that mean?”. I guess we are all listening.

We pretty much live on pins and needles for you and everything you give to us. We are like starving island survivors and you are our coconut water.

I could stare at you and Nova all day long watching your every moves and be content for a very long time. Saying I am intrigued is an understatement.

Can hardly believe you are almost halfway through your first year.

What can I do better? What can I give you more of? I am sure my shortcomings are more about me and less about you. I have a feeling you are pretty happy with me. You don’t have the expectations that I do of myself. You want to be loved. Check. Done. 100 and a million percent. You want to be fed and need some help sleeping. Done. I live for my kids to be full and well rested. I am grateful you start little with such simple needs so I can have time to develop into what you need me to be.

I am learning and you are happy letting me. And for that I am grateful.

You are so forgiving, so perfect in your forgiveness and your ability to move on. I would say perfect, actually. Can a baby be flawed? It’s amazing. You can’t make mistakes. It is so inspiring to watch and be surrounded by such innocence, love and pure acceptance.

Wow. I am so blessed to have you as mine. I promise to never take that for granted.

My buddy, banksy bear, noodle, sweet boy. 5 months is my favorite so far.


Forever yours,



Reagan + Pip

While Reagan and I were driving on our way to this shoot, we had a really great conversation. We chatted about how different our mothering experiences are compared to each others and some mutual friends we have. The environments we get to mother in and the ways we get to mother are all different but they thing that amazed us was despite the differences we all had intrinsic similarities.  We were all 100% devoted and in love with our babies. We all worried about whether we were doing it right. We all wanted more time. We all deep deep deep down felt a connection that was now ours forever. It looks different from the outside but feels the same on the inside.

I only had 30mins to shoot these two and wish I had been able to stay for the entire day. I admire both of them so much.

Reagan is my all time favorite hairstylist and the world famous blogger behind Hairdresser On Fire. I found her blog years ago and was pretty smitten. Despite how much I wear my hair in a bun I am kind of into hair. I think when you have as much hair as I do and it's naturally curly you have no choice but to care. I loved they way she talked about hair. I contacted her about giving me a cut while I was in NY on work and found out we know a ton of mutual people. My love deepened. Then I found out she was a mother. I saw behind the scenes as she worked full time and took care of Piper. My jaw was on the floor. This woman was amazing.

Piper is one lucky duck to have her as a mom. And I am positive Reagan counts her lucky stars everyday for her sweet girl. There is just something about a mother and her daughter...and I think these images show a glimpse of that.

Thanks for letting me peak inside your world, you two. Wish I could give that Pip a squeeze and a kiss on the weekly. xxoo

Youngberg Family

One of my favorite families to photograph.

There is just something that happens when they are behind my lens.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate my clients opening up and trusting me so I can document how much joy they find in the relationships they have with each other. Each of these images is a little gift they have given me. I have thousands and thousands of these treasures stored away and they make me feel like the richest woman alive.

I get to immortalize love for a living.

I am thinking about doing a day of Spring mini sessions in this location next year. Good idea, right?

(if you are interested in having me photograph your family email me at




2 Years


You and me and dad..alone...for a few more days.

You turned two only a month ago, and yet thinking of you as a big sister makes you seem a hundred years old.

Everything about you is fun and happy and full of light.

I would say the most noticeable change you have had these last few months is your language skills. You talk talk talk!

"Was dat mommy?" as you point to an old orange rind, a ladybug, a panty liner. I give you the answer and you repeat back word for word whatever I say to you.

Other favorite phrases include, " I dow want to mommy," "Scawee, scawee (scary), OK, mommy daddy got you," "happy or sad?" ....and the best one by a landslide is "I wuv you mommy" you wrap your arms tight around my neck and proceed to kiss me so hard you are shaking.

As we get closer and closer to baby brother being here your awareness of what's going on really surprises me. I actually think you understand that I am growing a baby in my belly. One day, all on your own, you kissed and hugged my stomach and said., " I wuv you baby bruda". And since they you have been asking for my bare belly and kissing, hugging and expressing your love for him daily. You even include him in snack time sometimes by sharing your drink with him or your piece of cheese. "Yummy baby bruda".

I wonder if you are old enough to understand what love really means..but then again I wonder if any of us really are. All I know is when you say it, I feel it..and I know your brother does too.

You have a special kind of life because most of your days are spent with both your mom and dad. We both wake up with you in the morning, we eat our meals together, we put you down for a nap together, bathe you together, put you to bed at night together. We know this is rare and treasure these seemingly mundane moments together.

You are a creature of habit and love the consistency we have tried to give you with your schedule.

You don't fight naptime or bedtime (at the moment) and, I daresay, you're excited about both.

Bedtime consists of finishing dinner and then you immediately running to the bath. You first have to grab your bath baby. Usually you only want mom to help you out of the bath, but only with one hand becuase you are a big girl and can do it yourself. "Me do it". I then wrap you up in a towel and help you brush your teeth with your Dora toothbrushes. You prefer 2 toothbrushes and we roll our eyes and oblige. Then I brush your hair, scoop you up in my arms and we look at ourselves in the mirror as we tell the bathroom goodnight. Then I smother you in kisses before you turn off the bathroom lights. Lotion, diaper (you always ask for cream or baby powder), jammies and then reading time. You prefer to have mom sit in the rocking chair and dad lay on the floor...and you split your time sitting in your rocking chair next to me or crawling over dad like he is a jungle gym. We read try to read only 3ish books but you want more and more and more. You prefer mom to do the reading which means I get to read and re-read Puppy Boo everyday at least 4 times. Then lights out, you slam the door so it is pitch dark and then we all fumble around while you try and tuck Aspen in to her bed, throw as many animals as you can into your crib (favorites include, dino, muno, 2 babies, bear, dog and sometimes the hard plastic cow). You want me to pick you up but it is getting harder and harder in my state so I pretend I am the one lifting you while dad does all the work. We then discuss our day briefly, talk about what to look forward to tomorrow and then whether you are happy or sad about bedtime, you give both of us giant hugs and kisses while you tell us you love us. We count to 5 and into bed you go. 2 cookies and a half a vitamin c later, and we are outta there. After we leave you call out loudly " I love you mommy, I love you daddy." And you wait for our answer back... "We love you Nova." Then we look at each other and shake our heads because it is ridiculous how much we really do.

You had a brief moment a few months ago when we thought we were going to have to transition to a toddler bed, but since moving into our home and putting you back in a real crib you are fine sleeping in one again. Even though you prefer to climb out on your own you will call for us in the morning and kind of refuse to climb out until we are in there watching. We are NOT complaining. I also love when I come into you in the morning and you say, "I'm awake mommy"...with a little grin on your face. Then you proceed to talk non stop telling me all about your babies and animals and bed and dreams (no doubt). We had missed 12hrs together so we have a lot to catch up on.

Lets talk about Aspen. She is a doll Grandpa Lloyd bought you for Christmas and she is your best friend. She eats with us in the booster seat for every meal. She comes with us on most errands. She is usually wherever you are and she is starting to smell. Every other doll is named Aspen as well...but we all know there is only one REAL Aspen. Affectionally named after your baby cousin Aspen. Your first imaginary friend.

I am so impressed at how well you play make believe already.

I am so impressed with pretty much everything you say and do.

You are gaining a lot of interest in emotions and what they mean. We have numerous conversations each day about whether someone is happy or sad and what that means. I hope you are learning it is OK to feel everything.

If I am ever leaning my head down against the table or maybe I really am sad and you see tears, you will pat my back and say "it's ok mommy, I've got you". How can that not make me feel better?

You are a great eater but still prefer anything over meat or breads. Milk products you go nuts over though. "Yogie" (yogurt), cottage cheese and milk being your favorites. You accidentally learned what whipped cream was when I squirted it in your mouth and have recently gotten confused when asking for it. "Cream of wheat mommy, pease?" We like to eat cream of wheat together for breakfast sometimes but I couldn't get why you were asking for it at lunch time. Oh! You mean whipped CREAM.

Honey is also something you ask for everyday. Man, you are adorable.

You are a lover and want to kiss and hug everyone we say goodbye to. But not just any kiss, has to be a lip kiss. Lately you have been telling everyone you love them as you say goodbye as well.

You also like to point out when you think something is funny. How you pick up on humor is beyond me.

We still have lots of nicknames for you...pickle and noodle being our main ones at the moment.

With all the words you say, you still aren't very interested in saying your own name. You have...but when we ask you to you give us kind of a blank stare. Like you are thinking why in the world do I have to say my own name all the time. We think we are in part to blame for calling you pickle all the time.

Potty training we don't push but you do come to us and let us know when you want to use the toliet. It's awesome. Today alone you told us four different times you had to go "poo poo" (which means both) and we rushed to the toilet and every time you went! Proud parents. So far you have made the start of toilet training very easy for us.

You love playing in water, in your new toyhouse with daddy, playing basketball, nunning (running), swinging and jumping! When you go to your my gym classes you spend most of the time jumping to your heart's content on their 6ft trampoline. When you land on your bum you yell out "BUM!".

You recognize your street and other landmarks as we drive around and always announce you are home once we pull in the driveway.

Not our proudest moment but you now ask to watch shows or play games on the computer.

You have always been musically minded and remember melodies so well. We often catch you singing the wonder pets theme song, or the Dora theme song. We watched sound of music the other day and you recognized a couple songs we already sing to you and the last few days we have caught you singing edelweiss to yourself.

I can't forget to tell you we went and saw your first movie on your birthday. We watched Wreck it Ralph and you sat through the entire thing with sippy cup and cracker cup in hand. It was a proud moment for us.

We also taught you that while on chairs you need to be on either your knees or bum and you repeat "knees or bum" over and over again while testing your limits on chairs.

Your independence is growing and growing and I can see so much pride and sense of accomplishment everytime you figure something out on your own.

I could write and write and write about every little thing you are. I want to. I don't ever want to forget anything...and yet I know I will. It is reality that I will keep feelings and small, meaningful moments in my mind and the rest will float about only resurfacing if needed. The problem is, I feel like all my moments and memories with you are needed.

Changes are coming for you my sweet baby girl. In a few short days you will become a sister. I know your dad and I are giving you one of life's greatest gifts, a sibling. I know this and yet I find my eyes welling with tears when you let me rock you in my arms. I have loved having you as my only child. You won't really remember any of what has happened up to this point but I KNOW it has shaped your mind and heart. Recently a friend and fellow mother that I photographed wrote something to the effect, "...more than what it's done for me is what I hope it has done for you. I found time to carve out space for you in my life daily and I hope you know I will continue to do that forever..."

I will Nova. I will always have space for much as you need. That is a gift that all mothers have...infinite space. I am just starting to realize that as I open my heart more and more for your brother. The space is endless. He is not taking yours, he is getting his own. This makes me sigh with relief.

Happy two years to my baby girl the color of lemons. And as the lullaby I wrote you sings, "You're part girl and part the sun." My shining star.

Love, Mom


Mom + Toddler Date- Disneyland, CA

I can't even describe how fun this short 30min shoot was.

I keep daydreaming about what it would be like to follow a family around all day at Disneyland...just documenting a really really great day, where the only goal is to have fun.

If you follow me on instagram you might have seen me post a photo of this little charmer giving me a kiss at the end of the shoot (and then wiping it off). He stole my pregnant heart and made me smile thinking about having my own little boy.

Thank you for having me come photograph this for you R!

If anyone else is inspired to have me photograph their day at Disney, email me at: I am only a hop, skip and a jump away and my film is loaded.

23 Months

I keep feeling like I only have 1 more month with you as my baby.

I know I am probably being ridiculous. Ridiculous because everything has it's transition time. You won't change overnight (that much) or even in a month....but I am here to tell you it feels like it.

You are part baby and part little lady.

You love to play pretend baby...crawling on the floor, fake crying or saying goo goo ga ga (which we taught you to save our ears from your amazingly high pitched fake cry).

You ask to be picked up and rocked in my arms as I sooth you with coos and kisses.

You never cared for binky's as newborn but now they are your favorite pretend babyland play toy. Numerous times in the day you will insist that you, dad and I all have them in our mouths.

Talking TALKING!

"Good norning!" "tank you mommy" "pease" and the list goes on and on. You can repeat whole sentences we say. I know this should make me happy but I it actually makes me a little sad. Too old. Too old.

It is nice to have you be able to give your opinion on any matter AND to be able to recount stories to us.

Your favorite time of the day might be right before bed when we talk about everything we did that day. Your eyes wide and interested...filling in the blanks we miss.

Today we went to Disneyland and bought you a mint chip ice cream cone. You met both Mickey and Minnie and all on your own decided that you wanted to kiss both of them on the nose.

You are too much.

I will save some of the words I want to share for the ginormous post I am sure to make when you turn 2...until then my sweet baby...stay that way just a little bit longer.

(Photos taken on the end of a roll of film I needed to send to the lab. Unscripted, off the cuff. Dirty room, light meter, piggies and sweetest lil pickle.)

Some Favorites from 2012

Here are a few of my favorite portraits from this last year...shots that made me linger a little longer..

Not going to lie, 2012 has been a transitional year. It has been full of really really great moments and some challenging ones. I guess that is bound to happen when it's a year you move.

This year some of my photographic goals include shooting WAY MORE personal work. I really slacked in this area in 2012. I am going to put down my phone and pick up my film cameras and shoot my own life. I think it's deserving.

I also am excited to announce some changes to my pricing which will include some new Southern California only rates for my wedding clients. I will still be available for travel (and y'all know I LOVE to travel) but clients having me shoot close to home are worthy of some perks. So if you have inquired about having me shoot your wedding in 2013 and want to take a look at some of my new options, feel free to email me (

I really really want to thank all of my amazing and loyal clients AND friends and family for supporting me as a photographer and mother. It is a constant evolution of adjusting and changing to meet the needs of my family and my desires as a creative. I am going to be starting some new blog posts dedicated to being a working mother. I have so many thoughts running through my mind and sharing I know would help me and hopefully some of you dealing with similar life challenges.

I just feel blessed. Really really blessed.

Happy New Year everyone!



Nelson Family- Menlo Park, CA

I can't emphasize enough how much I enjoy shooting in peoples homes. If you haven't tried it already for your own family photo shoot, please do. It adds intimacy and a genuine quality that is hard to replicate outside of your home. Don't worry about the size or style of your room...none of that matters. Creating a true documentation of your family life is what you will care for most in years to pass. Trust me.

This blonde family was so sweet with eachother. I especially liked watching the older sister act with such patience and sweetness towards her younger siblings. I couldn't help having my mind wander to Nova and watching her "mother" siblings of her own someday. I often transplant my own family into the faces I am that I know what that family unit is starting to feel like I can't help feeling really REALLY grateful I am helping to create this for us. Nothing matters more than the connections you make with other people. Nothing matters more than the connections I am trying to make with Grant, Nova and the sweet baby boy growing inside me.

Thanks to the Nelson Family and everyone who lets me try and photograph your own connections. I don't take it lightly. I am not sure anything matters more.

Annison Family- Menlo Park, CA

Tis the season for shooting lots of families.

This sweet family was a ball of energy thanks to those three adorable boys. That last shot pretty sums up the general idea. I think they should do a whole wall of images comprised of only wrestling shots.

Thanks for having me Annison Family!

Bender Family

I felt super emotional working on these images today. Sure I am pregnant and get weepy looking at a carrot...but this sweet Dad and our good friend is shipping off to Afghanistan in a couple months for a whole year!!! I look at the four of them and the effort they make to care for each other and I wonder how someone can go missing? I also will have a similar foursome in a short few months and honestly can't wrap my brain around Julia being a single parent with two kids. What a sacrifice. I am seriously humbled.

Not only is Julia a friend but she is a talented creative...photographing and designing and crafting anything under the sun. I am so honored she has chosen me to document her family so many times. It seems like two second ago that they were only two. Families are such wonders.

Jan we will miss you! Be safe and know we are all going to watch over your sweet three.


(PS. I am going to be back in San Francisco for shoots this Saturday if anyone needs last minute photos email me

Hansen Family- Pacific Palisades, CA

I am thankful families are a "thing".

Just a bunch of people taking care of each other, sacrificing for each other and being super in to each other.

There is something about being around the infectious spirit of a young family. Is it crazy? it just as it should be?...YES. I could have stayed in the Hansen's home for at least 3more hours (or forever).

So many wobbly knees, so many kissable toes....and lets not forget to talk about Lil Miss. I couldn't stop myself from taking more and more photos of her. Where did she come from?!

I will end by saying my new goal is to be as smiley and positive as this Mom is. I don't think I have ever seen her not smiling. Love that.

Thanks for having me!! xxoo.