Reagan + Pip

While Reagan and I were driving on our way to this shoot, we had a really great conversation. We chatted about how different our mothering experiences are compared to each others and some mutual friends we have. The environments we get to mother in and the ways we get to mother are all different but they thing that amazed us was despite the differences we all had intrinsic similarities.  We were all 100% devoted and in love with our babies. We all worried about whether we were doing it right. We all wanted more time. We all deep deep deep down felt a connection that was now ours forever. It looks different from the outside but feels the same on the inside.

I only had 30mins to shoot these two and wish I had been able to stay for the entire day. I admire both of them so much.

Reagan is my all time favorite hairstylist and the world famous blogger behind Hairdresser On Fire. I found her blog years ago and was pretty smitten. Despite how much I wear my hair in a bun I am kind of into hair. I think when you have as much hair as I do and it's naturally curly you have no choice but to care. I loved they way she talked about hair. I contacted her about giving me a cut while I was in NY on work and found out we know a ton of mutual people. My love deepened. Then I found out she was a mother. I saw behind the scenes as she worked full time and took care of Piper. My jaw was on the floor. This woman was amazing.

Piper is one lucky duck to have her as a mom. And I am positive Reagan counts her lucky stars everyday for her sweet girl. There is just something about a mother and her daughter...and I think these images show a glimpse of that.

Thanks for letting me peak inside your world, you two. Wish I could give that Pip a squeeze and a kiss on the weekly. xxoo