Grewal Family

I don't know if it's the fact that their kids are just about the same age as mine, but when I photograph this family I feel so sentimental. And I am looking at the exact same stage my family is in and I can deeply relate. And the personalities of our kids are so similar too. Holland is fun and vivacious. She loves to interact and shine her amazing personality all over the place. And Rowan (only a month older than my Fairbanks) you will fall madly in love with. This little survivor has already got through two open heart surgeries. He is the epitome of sweetness, love, and acceptance. It is impossible to not want to kiss and squeeze him constantly.

I just feel like I have so much in common with them, except, I have no idea what it must be like to spend the first months of your child's life in hospitals and in and out of surgeries. Watching them go through this as a family has been so awe inspiring. They have so much peace and trust with the cards they have been dealt. I only hope that if I ever have to support my family through something similar I will be able to power through like they have.

It's hard to understand what all the question marks they have must feel like, but there is one piece that I do understand...that I do share with them. The knowledge that every day is a gift. Being a mother, to me, feels like constantly being on the brink of life and death. That may sound morbid but I don’t mean it to be. Being in this place feels so close to something unworldly. Something near perfect. Something sacred and awfully close to another side.

Giving birth is the one time when I feel like I am in between those two worlds. In those powerful moments before that babe is in your arms, you have to get as close to the other side as possible, reaching out..reaching as far as you can from your side until you feel a little hand clasp your own. Then it’s your job to keep that little hand alive. Saying it’s overwhelming is an understatement.

Saying everyday is a gift doesn’t mean I think it’s “easy”.  I am tired, barely dressed, out of style, under-groomed. I have aged. My body looks different. My worries and the thoughts that occupy my mind aren’t small.  But I have focus. Focus that others can’t necessarily know or see. I know my job. I know my responsibility. I made my choice. They are mine and I can say without wavering, everyday I have with them is a gift.

This is what KC and I have in common. We both have little hands we get to love and care for.

I loving sharing this motherhood and parenthood journey with so many others. I love how connected and understood it helps me feel.

I value so much the opportunity I have to step inside someone's life as a photographer and create keepsake’s of this journey for them. I am so touched at the value my clients place on the love they share for each other and wanting to remember it.

This world is full of magnificent people and I get to raise two of them...and photograph the rest.