Bender Family

I felt super emotional working on these images today. Sure I am pregnant and get weepy looking at a carrot...but this sweet Dad and our good friend is shipping off to Afghanistan in a couple months for a whole year!!! I look at the four of them and the effort they make to care for each other and I wonder how someone can go missing? I also will have a similar foursome in a short few months and honestly can't wrap my brain around Julia being a single parent with two kids. What a sacrifice. I am seriously humbled.

Not only is Julia a friend but she is a talented creative...photographing and designing and crafting anything under the sun. I am so honored she has chosen me to document her family so many times. It seems like two second ago that they were only two. Families are such wonders.

Jan we will miss you! Be safe and know we are all going to watch over your sweet three.


(PS. I am going to be back in San Francisco for shoots this Saturday if anyone needs last minute photos email me