Nelson Family- Menlo Park, CA

I can't emphasize enough how much I enjoy shooting in peoples homes. If you haven't tried it already for your own family photo shoot, please do. It adds intimacy and a genuine quality that is hard to replicate outside of your home. Don't worry about the size or style of your room...none of that matters. Creating a true documentation of your family life is what you will care for most in years to pass. Trust me.

This blonde family was so sweet with eachother. I especially liked watching the older sister act with such patience and sweetness towards her younger siblings. I couldn't help having my mind wander to Nova and watching her "mother" siblings of her own someday. I often transplant my own family into the faces I am that I know what that family unit is starting to feel like I can't help feeling really REALLY grateful I am helping to create this for us. Nothing matters more than the connections you make with other people. Nothing matters more than the connections I am trying to make with Grant, Nova and the sweet baby boy growing inside me.

Thanks to the Nelson Family and everyone who lets me try and photograph your own connections. I don't take it lightly. I am not sure anything matters more.