Colombia-Bogota Day 1

I flew in yesterday to Bogota for a one week assignment shooting for Southern Cross Humanitarian. After my first flight was delayed an hour flying from LAX to ATL, I had to run, full bags flying, to barely make on my flight to Bogota. I actually had to yell to the gate agent as I turned the corner. So I made it, sweating, but my poor little bag did not and I spent my first day 1/2 in Bogota without a toothbrush...or my headlamp!

My group and I checked into our hotel and headed out to the "Tolerent Zone" around 12:30am. The purpose of our late night venture was for me to photograph minors participating in prostitution (the purpose of Southern Cross is to rescue children off the streets and into homes...).

I have lived in big cities, but have never had reason in the middle of the night to hang out by the brothels. 5 of us jammed into a tiny car and drove the streets. It was too dangerous for me to walk around with my cameras, so my only option was to photograph from the car and twice got out of the car, with the four others close by for protection.

It was a humbling experience and frustrating. This was one time where being invisible would have been perfect. I needed to walk around, talk to people, to really capture what I wanted...but the danger was too great. The feeling on those streets are hard to describe and most would have a hard time hearing the details. So many of children of God not knowing what they were worth, who they are and how great each of their spirits are.