The Daily Grapefruit

I have a cousin who married someone really amazing. She loves all things french, all things food and especially all things family. They are raising 4 scrumptious kids...which I hope my turn out like...exactly. Her blog is an inspiration. She talks about NORMAL stuff and when you read it it sounds like magic. Her love of food and of being a Mother constantly inspires me to stretch my creativity and to GIVE more.

Almost a year ago, she wanted to help me celebrate my new website launching and custom made me a menu. Finally a year later after passing through all sorts of weird pregnant food aversions, I made the meal. There was some substitutions based on what I had and how long I could stand in the kitchen before needing to de-swell my feet. But her menu helped us celebrate a dinner at home with "just the two of us" and Grant's birthday this week.

Bruschetta with fig/balsamic jam, green apple slices and melted gruyere

Fresh mixed green salad from this weeks CSA box from The Growing Experience

Roasted thyme and lemon chicken (made in our new Le Creuset french oven that we just treated ourselves with)

Sauteed corn with lemon and thyme (recipe on Grapefruit's blog. YUM)

Mashed potatoes with carrots

I'm always cooking at night and photo was taken on my iphone and I didn't truss the chicken AND...blah...blah...blah... You know what? It tasted good.

I ran out of steam last night but tonight for husbands dinner dessert I am making him pavlova with kiwi.

Thanks Grapefruit for your fantastic recipes and nourishing blog.

I am off to count the hours. xo.