Did you know that I have a younger brother with red hair? Yes, I do.

We are going to be happy with whatever baby girl looks like...but we love that she has a fighting chance for some curly red locks.

Scott is the only person I have ever called "Bud". It's his nickname and his alone. Ever since he was really young he was Bud.

We couldn't be more different when it come to coloring. His skin is a few shades lighter than mine and he is the only one in our family with a distinct hair color. We do have some similarities though..We are both the self proclaimed computer experts in the family. We both think we are pretty funny (even if no one else is laughing). We both love lounging around home in comfy clothes and we both have strong opinions and aren't afraid to share them.

Once when he was young (under 10) he gave me a card that said, "I'm your knight in shining armor". I still have it. Then, during the darkest year of my life thus far, on my birthday...he made me a wood plaque that reads, "You're Loved". It's sitting in my office right now. I think it was the most meaningful gift I have ever been given.

He is pretty great, right? I think so.

(We did a little green-screen shoot for some business images he needed in Dec. This was one my favorite faces.)