[vimeo 19571109 w=800 h=590] With only 9 days until our due date, we need to give all the attention we can to this wondrous land we have been visiting for the last 10 months.

Filmed on an iphone using the 8mm app, the belly takes center stage. The loop tree is one of  "our places" near our old house that we love to visit. We introduced baby girl to the tree and I rubbed my bare belly on it so she could get all the positive energy that oozes from it. Then we slow danced and sang our song that I wrote for her.

I feel like I need to make sure you all know how THRILLED and 99% we feel about becoming parents. I shared some of my feelings in the last blog post to remind myself that we aren't all made up of happy happy, positive positive all the time.  We are all duel sided...but I am sorry if I left any of you worried or wondering about how I feel about my own capabilities or excitement at becoming a new mom.

So here are some Friday confessions for this week on a slightly more positive note:

- I have LOVED my pregnant body. I have felt more myself, full, complete and drop dead sexy.

- Although I know there will be transitions, I secretly am glad I already spend a far amount of time at home. I think this will give me an edge with some of the adjustment.

- I'm pretty positive she will be the most gorgeous breathtaking thing any of us have ever laid eyes on. ESPECIALLY if she is plump plump plump.

- I have never appreciated my body more. I honor every part of it in a whole new light. I read this quote a few nights ago that my midwives shared in our birthing bible and wanted to share it with you all:

The beauty of my body is not measured by the clothes it can fit into, but by the stories that it tells. I have a belly and hips that say, " We grew a child in here, " and breasts that say "We nourished life." Mu hands, with bitten nails and a writer's callus, say, " We create amazing things." - Sarah, from I Am Beautiful: A Celebration of Women in Their Own Words.

I agree with EVERY word.

- I am so grateful I have had so much time around newborns. I know how to hold, soothe, kiss and trick them (like rubbing their cheeks to get them to turn their head for a photo....sorry baby just a photo trick not time to breastfeed!)

- I have learned so much from our midwives and birth classes and feel so confident about our choice to birth at home.

- Yes my back hurts and my body rolls from room to room but I spent most of my time knowing how much I will "miss" her once she is out. She is going to feel so far away.

- Guess who gets to have feeding, loving, cuddling, diaper changing time with her two favorite people in just a short few days?! ME!

We anxiously await her arrival at every moment.