Friday Confessions

I am 38weeks pregnant and still don't really believe..deep down...that we'll have a baby in a few weeks. I pretty much have only worn flip flops for the last 9months.

I've prepped for natural birth, as much as I can, but most of the time feel completely unprepared.

My mind goes into overdrive at nights and Grant's is in slow motion. This is really annoying.

In part of my dream last night I was trying to back a motor home out of a parking lot and the brakes didn't work.

Sometimes it seems like every other photographer out there is honing their craft..studying, experimenting and I am just sitting around doing the same ole' thing.

I want to dress nice and feel fashionable but most of the time never think about what I am wearing. Product of working from home?

I know very little about vaccinations and have no idea how I feel about them.

I wake up every morning and have to stretch my hands out because they are so swollen and painful.

I need a new hair style BAD but keep putting off cutting it. Do I really want to have bangs again? Why can't my hair grow faster?

Still haven't installed the car seat.

I usually have a little whipped cream at least once a day.

I feel guilty when I don't talk aloud enough to my unborn baby.

I've been using the same mascara for almost 2yrs. Shouldn't my eyes be falling out?

The sheets on our bed bug me so bad. They are always so crinkly! Why can't they be smooth?

We are heading to Palm Springs this weekend for our "last" weekend away.

I am trying to enforce the no reading for education policy for this weekend, only trashy magazines...but feel guilty because we should be brushing up on birthing positions.

I've never felt ready to be a parent. I know I can do it but that is different than feeling ready.

Sometimes when stuff is really hard I will express out loud that this wasn't the life I choose.

THEN sometimes when life is pretty alright I'll wonder why I have it so easy.

There is probably nothing I fear more than missing out on a moment by not being emotionally present.

I am 100%  happy and confident in choosing a homebirth.

I'm excited to lay on my stomach again.

Naming a baby is hard.

But it's easy to be excited about another person to love. Loving people is the best.

Please feel free to comment with any confessions of your own.