20 weeks, 5 days + Liege Waffles

Since April when we took our trip to Europe we have have pretty much one thing on our minds....Liege waffles.

If you've had one you understand the one track mind.

Most authentic recipe I could find was on epicurious that led me to this converted recipe that I ended up using. I bought the pearl sugar at Surfas but am thinking of making my own next time from sugar cubes to be more enviro friendly. Using sugar imported from Belgium seems a bit extreme.

It was pretty time consuming but mostly from all the waiting. The result was VERY similar to the ones we ate from street vendors in Brussels and Bruges. We both took our first bites and looked at each other with wide glazed over eyes. I'm already looking in to buying a Liege waffle iron.

Oh! and we are on 2nd half of baby building. She must be like her Mum because she loved the waffles. Yes, we found out yesterday we are having a girl. A little bitty female. How amazing is that!? 20 weeks 5 days, Liege waffles and finding out we are getting our very own girl.

Yesterday was a very good day.