Mr. Noah threw-up, pee'd and pooped...right after another in about for a 60sec interval. Oh!.. and he was buck-baby-naked while this all happened.

If I had a nickel for every time I have been pee'd or pooped on (or witnessed the act), I would be a very rich woman.

I photographed Cort and Laura's wedding a couple of years ago (look here) and then they asked me to photograph their new little family while I was in Dallas this month. This is what I call "Full Circle" photography. Life clients are the best clients.

I love photographing newborns (duh) but my main frustration is I am too busy working to really get  sufficient holding time. I think I am going to start scheduling an extra 30mins after every newborn shoot so I can remedy the problem.

Noah, I'm guessing everyone on planet Earth wishes they could hold you for 30mins. xo.