Trevi + Quinn's Wedding

Emotion like this can not be staged or "posed". Trevi, Quinn and family are the real deal. They were all happy. Really happy. Often when I meet new people and the "what do you do" conversation comes up and it ends with them wanting my website address and good intentions of looking up my work. I know that in a lot of cases, unless a business card was given, the web address is as good as gone. This time it was different.

Grant and I were vacationing in Kauai last November and were spending our last couple of days at a resort laying in a cabana sipping pina coladas. In the cabana next to ours the nicest couple was doing likewise activities. We started chatting and were really enjoying talking about family, life and our mutual love of the island. It ended with them gathering my website information and me thinking how nice it is when people ask even if they never look me up...BUT THEY DID!...and told their niece about me and 8mos later I was shooting Trevi's wedding in Santa Barbara! How amazing! To top it off they were one of the nicest, most genuine families. I felt like a cousin/niece/childhood neighbor by the end of the night. Their energy was infectious.

Trevi was named after the fountain in Rome. She is what her dad calls his "lucky charm".  I have no doubt that good fortune will follow her and her Quinn wherever they go.

Ceremony and Reception - Four Seasons Biltmore, Santa Barbara, California

Coordinated by- Central Coast Memory Makers

Quinn is a Writer/Director/Producer in LA and they had all these great movie quotes around the reception as well as an amazing grooms cake. Oh! and their dog was the ring bearer...such a great wedding. I could go on & on & on & on.........