conference sunday

tristan getting his first conference foot rub..and loving it!

wright jr. actually asked to have his photo taken. I am madly in love with this two yr old.

faith, doing what she does, performing. I think she has over 500 songs memorized.

crazy girls with their dad.

aunt rachel getting in on some of the love (photo taken by the grant).
I love tristan's face, his hand on his brother and the car shoes.
tay kept sticking her head in the temple fountain. she just needed to "cool" off.

I have the best memories growing up of spending conference sunday with family. we would have a big breakfast, snuggle in our jammies, give each other foot rubs (mom's tradition) and eventually fall asleep....all while listening intently to the words of the prophet. I'll be honest, it was pretty exciting to get to spend church time in pajamas.

my mom would always turn on "the music and the spoken word", sung by the mormon tabernacle choir. she blasted it throughout the house signaling to us that it was time to drag ourselves to the TV. wrapped like mummies in our blankets, because the house was right around arctic levels, we would nestle in together. the body heat and the words we were about to hear were a simply a matter of survival.

this last conference sunday, wright, steph and kidlins came for a visit to the little blue house. It was fantastic!

grant and I made breakfast....scrambled eggs, homefries (with purple potatoes big wright was too freaked out to eat), bacon, frothy banana oj and homemade cinnamon rolls. delicious to the max.

our house is not the biggest, in fact, probably the smallest. I was curious to see how the kids would manage. they did great. I think for the most part they thought they were in a house made for little people like them.

some of my favorite quotes of the day:

"rachel and grant, I really love your house"- taylor
" I just love how many windows there are that you can open up!"- taylor
" were are we going to eat?"- taylor
"grant, how do you even sleep in here? It's so small!"- faith
" I want water"- wright jr.
"I want grape juice"- wright jr.
"I want milk"- wright jr.
" I think I need to stick my head in the water one more time"- taylor
" want to hear a song?"- faith

We half watched and half maintained madness then went for a visit to the LA temple. I loved having them in my home. I am thrilled they love so close to us now. I can't get enough of those wee ones.