one month

(in front of our little blue house)

happy one month anniversary to my brand new husband!

has it only been one month? seems like it's always been this way.

I love trying to stuff ourselves into our miniature house.
I love going to costco with you (even more than when we were just dating)
I love hanging my clothes next to yours
I love waking up every morning for 30days with you breathing out of your mouth next to me
I love people calling you "mr. thurston" and people calling me "mrs. porter"
I love watching shooting star after shooting star with you under the thick sky in boipeba
I love instant oatmeal with you
I love missing you so much when you come home at the end of the day that I just need to smother you
I love you going into the garage so I don't have to
I love going to "grown up" church with you
I love me always asking you if you have the keys
I love that we both know who "patti" is
I love when you say its time to invest in new camera/computer equipment
I love being able to tell when you are tired 20 minutes before you can
I love your ski slope toenail
I love you trying
I love you being so patient with me wanting to be a rockstar
I love cadwell talk
I love getting to go to seattle with you
I love sharing everything
I love you always wanting to pray or have family counsels or fhe
I love that I have my very own boy
I love my husband

happy one month to us. I am so happy.