Rilo Kiley Concert-Oct 15

So I really need to work on posting images RIGHT after I take them...otherwise they end up getting pushed farther and farther back behind more recent shoots. So today I am going to post a bunch of images from "way back when".

In no particular order, I start with some images of the Rilo Kiley concert in LA last week. The Bird and The Bee opened with some hypnotic all girl slumber party type songs. I really liked them but there seemed to be an unusual amount of giggling on stage. Rilo Kiley kind of surprised me. I like them OK before the show but seeing them live upped my opinion. Jenny Lewis was so adorable and they played with much more soul than I had anticipated. I can't get "Potions for Foxes" out of my head.

I shot the images for My friend Monti writes reviews for them and occasionally has a press pass that he graciously offers to me. There are few things that can make a girl happier than getting to attend a free concert, with a press pass, while taking pictures in the pit.....its a bonus when it's music you actually like.

That was a good night.