Erin's Hollywood Soiree-Oct 20

Erin's Hollywood Soiree is code for "Erin's Bat Mitzvah" and code for the most amazing party ever thrown in honor of a 13yr old.

I'm still a little speechless over the whole thing. Red (pink) carpet, 3 photographers, 4 plus videographers, a production company, everyone wearing mics in their ears, limos, black tie dress, Blake Lewis from last seasons American Idol as the performer....WOW. My first experience shooting a Bat Mitzvah will be very hard to top.

I was shooting for Vox Entertainment, who produced the Soiree and I must say did an amazing job. So much fun! They rented out the "Grove of Anaheim" and had a larger than life sized photo of Erin on the front of the building.

Seriously. Out of this world. Erin please invite me to your Sweet 16.