Jordyn + Cody's Wedding- San Diego, CA


A happy, light filled wedding day. Pretty sure these types of days will never get old.

On the other hand, looking at this couple makes me feel old. They are so young and fresh. Sigh. But the thing I found most intriguing was how wise and thoughtful Jordyn was. She is one of the most accepting, loving, genuinely happy brides I have ever photographed. She couldn't stop talking about how wonderful her new husband was and how great he is. It was a heart warming thing to witness. Of course he adored her as well. Duh.

Super happy about all these people finding each other and loving each other. Glad we don't have to be alone in this world.

So excited for your life together, Jordyn and Cody. Honored to have documented your first day as husband and wife.


Morgan + Brock's Wedding- Salt Lake City, UT

Big time crush on this family.  Cousin's, aunts, mom, dad, siblings...they are all super great and fun to be around.

And big props to Morgan and Brock for being so patient waiting for their wedding images. I hope it was worth the wait. Kind of impossible not to get great shots of these two. I seriously couldn't stop shooting frames of Morgan's hair blowing in the wind. It was like poetry every time.

Beautiful light and  good company makes for a great a few hours of shooting and celebrating. Thank you for having me play a small part. xo.

Ceremony at the Salt Lake Latter Day Saint Temple

Reception at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building


(shot on the Contax 645 and Canon eo3 with kodak portra film)


Meili + Damian's Wedding- Salt Lake City, UT

Damian has been one of our closest friends for years. These photos do a pretty good job of showcasing his personality...but you really should meet him in person. He's even more awesome in real life. He is one of those people that has a way of making everyone he's around feel important. He's one of the most creative, intelligent people I know but makes me feel like what I share & think is worthwhile and interesting. It's a gift. Naturally, feeling the way we do, our expectations were set pretty high when it came to Meili. Within 5mins of meeting her, I couldn't stop staring. She was too good to be true. The perfect match for our friend. Happy, artistic, affable, loves food, super down to earth, has had amazing life experience, sparkly eyes, stunningly beautiful in all the most important ways (and in the least important ways...babe town!). It is safe to say I fell head over heels in love with her. Right after Damian did.

Their wedding day was crazy fun. Waffles for breakfast, tacos for dinner, cakes and pies made by all their friends AND a reception with a Ferris wheel, carousel & a spinny-makes-you-want-to-hurl-ride. I will do anything for a good shot but due to extreme motion sickness I did spend a good 10mins after I made that photo with my head between my knees. Worth it.

Now I am making plans for camping trips, beach house getaways, holidays and backyard BBQ's with my new favorite family.

Congratulations again and again. Love you both so much.

(Shot with a contax 645, canon eos3, canon 5d with kodak film)

Allison + Dante's Wedding- Big Sur, CA

I am starting to develop a real thing for small weddings. Super small weddings. I love them.

I love how the whole day is centered around one thing, the couple. The getting married part, the being in love part. That's all there is. It fills me up with so much satisfaction and excitement for what I can offer. It is also hard not to feel creatively energized when in a matter of four hours I get to shoot in the middle of redwoods, a field, a river and at the ocean. It was a photographic fairytale.

Also, absolutely fell head over heels for this couple. I wish every couple treated each other with the love and respect that these two did. Yes, they are young but so much wiser than so many when it comes to being in a respectful partnership. I learned so much from watching them love each other.

After getting ready at Glen Oaks and then the ceremony at Pfeiffer Beach at sunset...we headed to Big Sur Bakery where they invited me to join them for dinner. Allison and I couldn't stop talking. Dante joked that we were the same person. It did kind of feel that way.

It was all meant to be.

So honored to have been there to witness it all and capture all the soft perfect Big Sur light.

(all images shot on film with the contax 645 and canon eos3 on kodak film)


Tristen + Jon's Wedding

This wedding was extra special because it took place at the exact same locations as mine and Grant's wedding. Including the private beach cove. It felt so amazing to be shooting this wedding and daydreaming about my own wedding day. This time, Grant wasn't with me though. He was home with our two insanely adorable children. I love when it all comes full circle.

I wish you could hear what these images sounded like. So much laughter and yelling and happy talk. The last image is when Tristen yelled out the car window as they were pulling away "See you at my baby shower in 9 months!!!". Loved that ending.

Little did I know it was an all white of course I was wearing head to toe black. The opposite of blending in. It was pretty funny. Also, the lady in read pleather, who had promised Tristen as a young girl that she would show up to her wedding in red pleather. She might have stood out even more than me :)

Such a fun fun fun wedding. With a beginning that fun I can only imagine how they rest of their life will play out.

Lots of love and BABIES to Tristen and Jon. xxoo

Ceremony- Newport Beach LDS Temple

Reception- Private beach, Laguna Beach


(shot on the contax 645 and canon eo3 with kodak portra 160)

Tristen's Bridals

I don't shoot bridals all that often...but after this shoot I am thinking I always should!

First, the location was bonkers and second, I love the fact that we get a little dress rehearsal for the wedding day.

No words to describe what a knockout the bride to be was (photographic proof) and her man to be, model material.

It was kind of the perfect early evening shoot.

(shot on the contax 645 with kodak portra 160)


Darci + Michael's Wedding- Santa Barbara, CA

This bride comes from a large family and one of my favorites part of this day was watching all the siblings dance with each other. You could tell they were all such good friends. Made me happy to see them all so happy.

This wedding was full of gorgeous sweet smelling flowers and the loveliest couple you could ever imagine. So gracious and kind and fun. It was a complete honor spending time with them on their wedding day.

Lots of love to both of you, Darci and Michael.

(shot on Contax 645, Canon eo3 and Canon 5D with portra160, 400 and trix. Developed and scanned by the Find Lab)


Caitlin + Loren's - Haiku Mill Wedding, Maui HI / Published Martha Stewart!

It was pure joy shooting this wedding in the first place and then when Martha Stewart Weddings wanted to feature it, I died and went to wedding photography heaven.

It was featured in their 2013 Special Fall Issue. You can also see more images and read some details on their destination wedding here.

After announcing my family's move to the island of Kauai this coming August, I thought the timing was finally right to share some of my favorite images from this island wedding.

Big thanks to the Haiku Mill for providing such a breathtaking venue. And of course lots of love to Caitlin and Loren for trusting me to document such a beautiful day.

Getting married? I would love to photograph it. Starting August 2014 I will still be shooting in California and beyond but will be Hawaii local. Email me at or call 310-251-9159

Esther + Jacob's Wedding- Los Angeles, CA

Never going to be mad about a rainy day wedding. Perfectly diffused light..people huddled together for warmth..Can you say romantic? Then add a super rad couple who is up for anything and great photographic moments are bound to happen.

I don't usually post group shots..but I had to post that one. It just kind of summed up the feeling of the whole day.

I was in love with all those drenched umbrellas and Jacob's shy little smile. What a sweet guy. Esther was an absolute goddess...but I really expected no less. She is pure gold. Can't wait for them to fill a house with LOADS of cute babies.

Congratulations you two!! Thank you so much for getting soaked with me.

(and in case you were wondering, that is a rope swing :))


(shot on contax 645 with portra 400 and a classic canon 5d)




Cathleen + Josh's Wedding- Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles

This is the first wedding I have ever shot on a Tuesday afternoon.

I shot for 2hrs, at a wedding that had 9 guest (10 including me), on a tuesday afternoon. I was pretty much in wedding photography heaven.

It's not that I don't love big weddings. Big weddings have magic that is all their own...but super small weddings are harder to come by and you end up swimming in intimacy, which is my favorite place to swim.

Cathleen and Josh, you were a delight to shoot. It was hard keeping it together while both your eyes welled with tears during your vows and I loved our photoshoot adventure around Little Toyko after the ceremony. THANK YOU for having me be there and for sending me home with a delicious box of food.

So much love for both of your sweet families.

Ceremony and Tea at the Chado Tea Room, Downtown Los Angeles.

(Shot with a Contax 645 and Canon e0s3 on portra 400, 160 and trix 400)

James + Kelly's Wedding- Ventana Inn, Big Sur California

September is turning out to be one of my favorite months of the whole year. This was the 2nd September in a row I had the pleasure of shooting a wedding in this glorious location.

What I found particularly magical about Kelly and James's destination wedding is the fact that neither had ever been to Big Sur before their wedding weekend. Based on the advice of friends they choose the location....and just happened to choose one of the most beautiful places in the whole world. It probably doesn't hurt that they both have amazing taste. This decision just confirms that.

Drunk off the beauty of my bride and the redwoods and the infectious laugh and smile of James, I filled up my 4hrs of shooting in what felt like 30mins.

The festivities took place at the gorgeous Ventana Inn, in which Range Rovers drove us from location to location..including the redwood grove which was on site. **dream location**

Thank you for adding me to your intimate gathering. It was a really, really great afternoon.

(Interested in having me shoot your wedding? Email me for more information at

Lindsay + T Cody's Wedding- Newport Beach, CA

The ceremony took place at the Newport Beach Temple and then we took a little time at Little Corona. The reception was at the beautiful home of the brides parents, in Yorba Linda. This was a wedding day on my home turf. Work days close to home are the best work days.

Umm..can we say stone cold fox? T Cody is stoked to be waking up to that face for the next 60yrs.

Beautiful couple and fun! Both! Felt like I was hanging with two old friends.

And thank you for the passion fruit juice syrup for the lemonade. I really appreciated it.

Such a great wedding day. I couldn't be happier for both of them. Thank you for letting me be there.


Stacy + Dave's Wedding- Los Angeles, CA

A bright, sunny wedding day.

Two young bucks in love and family and friends cheering them on.

Sometimes I am surprised at how relatively close I can be to LA and find myself in a rural neighborhood. Overgrown trees and homes that have really been "lived" in. And by lived in I mean, that large family group...they were raised in this home. So amazing. I can't wait to have a bigger and bigger and bigger family.

And I can't talk about a wedding without talking about dessert. This one served Thrifty ice cream. Chocolate malted crunch for the win.

Big thanks to Stacy and Dave for trusting me with encapsulating these memories.



Danielle + Dillon's Wedding- St George UT

Before shooting this wedding I never really thought of St George as a small town..but it totally is..and in the best way possible. Everyone acted liked they knew each other (even if it wasn't true) and it felt amazingly wholesome and comfortable in a way that only a small town can make you feel.

Danielle and Dillion were so fun to shoot. They ventured into the redrock wilderness..past tumbleweeds and sand to get some photos in the most amazing light. They glowed.

And then there was shaved iced. Not snow cones..shaved ice which I thought was the perfect touch to go with their sweet small town celebration. If you live near a Hokulia Shave Ice, eat there.

I could shoot weddings like this one every week for the rest of my life.

Thank you Danielle and Dillion for a beautiful day. xxoo.


(shot with the contax 645 and Canon EOS3 with portra 160 and 400)




Chelsea + David- Park City, UT Wedding

These two dragged their Chicago crew to Park City Utah for one of the most beautiful destination weddings I have ever photographed.

"Dragged" probably isn't the right word since it kind of felt like we were in mountain heaven. Greens, blues, sparkly light and  a gorgeous barn transformed into a party haven.

How great is Chelsea's flower crown? I just think it paired perfectly with her adorable face and infectious smile.

Thank you thank you for flying me out to come celebrate with you two!


Ceremony location- Blue Sky Ranch, Wanship UT

Getting ready location- Waldorf Astoria, Park City UT

Wedding Planner- Soiree Productions

Catering- High West

Hair/Makeup- Enizio

Florist- Artisan Bloom



Melissa + Brady's Wedding- Los Angeles, CA

My camera wasn't mad about shooting these two faces for the day. Some serious good genes going on between those two...and good vibes. They love each other. A lot.

Like any normal wedding day, things were running behind so there was some good hustling on my part to cram as many good shots in as we could. I think we did a pretty good job. The reception was full of what I like to call "Orange County All Stars". So many good faces to shoot and conversations to be had. Such a good day.

I am not sure if it's my age or the fact that my hormones are whack from having kids but I can't keep it together for first dances anymore. They danced to a song called "Sleeping At Last" by Turning Page. I promptly downloaded it once I was home and listened to it, teary eyed while I edited through the images. Finding love is kind of a big deal.

Melissa and Brady, you guys are the best. Love your little family. Can't wait to see all the good that comes from this union.


Ceremony- Los Angeles LDS Temple

Reception- Orange County backyard

Raegan + Michael's Wedding- Salt Lake City, UT

When Raegan booked me for this wedding I had to warn her that there was a chance I wouldn't be able to do it. I was due to give birth about a month before her wedding. What if the baby came late? What if there was complications that meant I had to stay in bed? So many unknowns....but thankfully sweet Fairbanks came 5 days early and 5 weeks later he was boarding his first flight with mama to Salt Lake City.

I was so glad the timing worked because this wedding was so beautiful. It was a perfect spring day. There were almost TOO many flowers in bloom. It seriously looked like flowers were growing out of every nook and cranny. Raegan was a vision and sweet Michael didn't seem to mind having said vision wrapped around him most of the day.

Nothing quite like young love in the springtime. Really. Is there anything better?

Oh! And trying to top the "springtime/love" thing...they served liege waffles at the reception. Not kidding. AND the reception was in a barn. It was like I had died and gone to wedding heaven.

Thank you for having me out and for letting me spend so much time staring at you on one of the happiest days of your life.

Ceremony- Salt Lake Temple

Reception- Wheeler Farm, UT

New Websites!

If there was one project I needed to finish in the last couple of months it was this...and let me tell you it feels great! After months of editing and choosing and years of putting it off, I finally have two brand new websites to showcase my most current work.

The first site is a revised version of my wedding and portrait site. The second site is a brand new beauty showcasing some of my commercial and editorial work.

Both can be accessed through

Want to reach just my wedding and portrait work? Visit here: Want to reach just my commercial work? Visit here:

Hope you like what you see. I am sure there will be little tweaks in the coming weeks...but for now it will do.

Ah. Posting this feels SO good. Now I am going to go kick my feet up and try to find something to eat with whipped cream.

Portrait + Linen Books- Madera Albums

You guys, I really really like these custom books that I offer to my clients.

I have posted images of the leather version here...but wanted to show off the portrait book (with a printed cover) and the linen book that I offer as well.

Clean, simple, classic. Handmade. Not going to be outdated tomorrow. The pages are thick and with these books there is just a folded gutter...which some like more than a split gutter (which comes with the leather books)...I like both for different reasons.

Most of the time I am laying these out for wedding clients but holy moly they would be beautiful books for family sessions or a birth story.

I am running a print and product sale for 30% off through this Sunday. Email me if you are interested in printing out those images living on your computer. Let them escape and live in a book instead! Books last longer than computers, FYI.

Gina + Kenny's Wedding - Los Angeles, CA

Another beautiful afternoon (1.5hrs to be exact) shooting at the Los Angeles LDS Temple. Yes, I have been sharing a lot of weddings at this location lately and that makes me happy. I love shooting weddings here. It has some pretty great architecture and LA weddings just attract top notch couples.

It was a beautiful overcast, quiet day and Gina and Kenny worked their good looks for my camera. Pretty much after every wedding I shoot I leave feeling like I've just hung out with two close friends. It makes me so happy to meet two people and then only hours later feel like we've created something great together. I can barely take any credit though....I am just there photographing what already is.

A big happy congratulations to Gina and Kenny!!

If you are interested in booking me for a wedding...whether it be a full day or just a few hours, email me at