Danielle + Dillon's Wedding- St George UT

Before shooting this wedding I never really thought of St George as a small town..but it totally is..and in the best way possible. Everyone acted liked they knew each other (even if it wasn't true) and it felt amazingly wholesome and comfortable in a way that only a small town can make you feel.

Danielle and Dillion were so fun to shoot. They ventured into the redrock wilderness..past tumbleweeds and sand to get some photos in the most amazing light. They glowed.

And then there was shaved iced. Not snow cones..shaved ice which I thought was the perfect touch to go with their sweet small town celebration. If you live near a Hokulia Shave Ice, eat there.

I could shoot weddings like this one every week for the rest of my life.

Thank you Danielle and Dillion for a beautiful day. xxoo.


(shot with the contax 645 and Canon EOS3 with portra 160 and 400)