Moving & Travel Plans

We are moving...nowhere.

Really, we are going to be Gypsies for a few months.

It's not going to be that different from every other summer. We are use to being all over the place during our busy work season. The difference is all of our stuff will be in storage.

Here is the schedule so far:

SoCal- June 1-6

Kauai- June 7-14

Maui- June 15-18

SoCal- June 19-30

Between SoCal and Utah for July and August

Bay Area/San Francisco- August 24-25

Big Sur- Sept 6-9


I am sure more stops will be added but this is a good start.

If you are interested in booking me for work in any of these locations (or any other locations) during these dates, please shoot me an email @

We are especially excited to catch up with friends and family in Utah. Summers in Utah are super dreamy. We already have plans to night swim on the rooftop pool at Snowbird, Watch movies in the park, Camp in the mountains, Go on LOTS of dates while Gma and Gpa Thurston babysit!!!

The plan is to be back in Southern California fulltime, living in a home by September-ish.

That is the plan. Now you know. Let's say goodbye to the Oasis and hello to adventure!