15 Months

We are moving out of your house this week.

We are sad.

You were born here and have spent the majority of your days pressed up against the glass windows and running around on the concrete floors.

Every day you seem more and more like a little girl and not a baby...maybe you are trying to tell us you are ready for new things? Ready for the next adventure?

I love these photos of you. You with your beloved iphones, with just a tee on..being comfortable in your space. The house is a mess, the exposure on these shots aren't perfect but they are so US.

You are my everything.

You give kisses and hugs on demand..and sometimes not on demand. You pretty much always want to be hugging or kissing something or someone.

You bring your arm up to your shoulder and make a rocking motion and comfort sounds to indicate a hug. Just how I have always hugged you!!

Your kisses are sometimes like head butts and are either open mouth or little pop blows on our cheeks or legs.

So SO affectionate..and I couldn't be happier that this is part of you.

You like to eat with a fork or spoon and try really hard.

You also like to feed us your food either before it goes in your mouth or after you have chewed it for a bit.

You are always sharing.

You are actually super surprised to be around kids who don't seem to like sharing. You constantly hand toys and books and food to everyone around you.

I love watching you and Winston play with each other. I know there will come a time when you both become more possessive...but for now I enjoy how happy you both are to share each other's toys and sippy cups.

I just caught you two giggling together in your bedroom.

Running and climbing. You can get on top of anything now and testing us by standing on chairs is your favorite.

Still BFing and since you had a cold the last couple weeks it seems like you want to eat with mom non-stop. So I've started walking around with you while you are eating..editing on my computer..packing a box. I even slipped the other day while you were eating and landed right on my butt. You never even unlatched. Amazing persistence.

You sense change..and want to stay close to comfort and familiarity.

You have started running your tongue back and forth across your lips when you are happy, excited or being busy.

Lately you have been trying things on..like my bras around your neck and then checking yourself out in the full length mirror.

You talk a lot and jabber like you are making sentences...but the only words you say for sure are: ball, baby, mama, dada, papa, bye bye, hi, eye.

You also sign: more, all done and milk.

You have an elaborate "sound" vocabulary that tells us pretty much anything you want or need. A refreshing sound when you are thirsty. Clicking noises when you want to listen to music. Bark, meow, moo, quack, monkey noises, birdies sounds (caa)...

I like how you play so well with others and on your own. You will wander around singing to yourself and play pretend.

You feed your babies bottles and food..and try to feed us as well.

I like how you will find little corners and spots and take a sit down and rest. We could be at a cafe outside, walking around our neighborhood. Sometimes a girl needs to rest.

You like to hold things. Always holding something.

Most anytime we need to put a shirt on you or a jacket on you have to trade hands with whatever your holding to put your arm through the sleeve.

You especially like to hold things while you nurse with me. A favorite, besides you pink blanket, has been a huge stuffed bear. It's ridiculous. I can't even see you while you are eating when bear is with us.

When we take you for walks on our block you stop to hug and kiss the gnomes in the yards, sit on all the chairs and benches and blow on the pinwheel.

Since you turned one you have pretty much slept 11-12hrs a night straight. Thank you.

Changing diaper time is not your favorite. We have started singing Old Mcdonald in order to distract you. Works sometimes..but only if we are super animated.

Sometimes life is very dramatic and a girl just needs to throw herself on the floor and roll back and forth crying. A few minutes of that and you always feel better. We just watch wide eyed.

I am sad to take you away from your home. I am sad you won't even remember this home...and it was such a transformative place for all of us.

I will miss you being in all your favorite spots.

I will miss chasing you around the kitchen and through the hallway.

I will miss sitting and staring out our windows as we nursed. I spent hours and HOURS doing this.

I will miss you slamming all the doors shut as you tell us "bye bye!".

I will miss seeing you wave and smile at me from the front door window when I was out in the office.

I will miss the calm and peace this space fills me with.

I know it was the right place to move and birth you and spend your first year.

You are our little pickle and no matter where we live you will always be our little pickle.

I am SO happy I took so many photos in our home and tried to record your first months of life.

I just feel so blessed I get to have you and dad with me. Where I live, you live. That makes me immeasurably happy.