Madera Books

I have been a busy little bee designing and laying out books for clients. I think this last month I designed 9 different books! It is so gratifying to print my images, bind them and hand a family heirloom over to eager eyes. Don't discount the importance of printing your photographs. Photographs are something that increase in value over time..until there really isn't a price you could put on them... because they are worth everything to you. All of the weddings and portrait sessions I shoot now include prints or albums. They have to! It's too important.

So, back to the point of this post...I started using a new book binding company for some of my high end bound books, Madera Books. I am so in love with the simplicity and quality of this book. Shown are a 12x12 size book and a 8x8 size book. The books feature a lay-flat page with an itty bitty crease and the printing is flawless.

I am so excited for Ryan and Carol to have this beauty in their hands. I am getting ready to send a big box of albums and prints to them in Australia!!

If anyone is interested in having me create one of these beauts for them, send me an email or give me a call. I would love to help you check that off your list.