I know I know..I haven't been blogging much lately and then when I do I post photos of myself! I couldn't resist sharing. It is a rare occasion that I hire another professional to shoot us and when Yan agreed to come with her camera, I was happy. Really happy.

We have to move in 2 short months and we knew we needed some photos of us in our space before we headed off on our next adventure. I can't believe we are leaving this space we love so much. The only thing holding me together is the fact that I get to take these two with me. I love being a wife. I love being a mom.

I feel pretty cheesy posting photos of me here on my blog...but since it is in part a journal of my life I decided it was OK to have me be a part of that on occasion.

Big THANK YOU to Diana for creating these stunning images for us. She stepped into our home and a few hours later was snuggled in our guest room for a sleepover. I immediately felt like she was an old friend. An amazing person and an amazing photographer. We love you Yan. Head over to her blog to read the embarrassing things she wrote about us and see more of the images she shot. You won't regret it.

(I secretly love that she called us the "Thurston Family". Multiple last names mean that sometimes I am Mrs. Porter and sometimes Grant is Mr. Thurston. It's fun.)