Giveback #2- High Res Files

(Sneak peak from Mike & Failop's Malibu wedding. You wish you were a guest. Trust me.)

 Thanks for all of the excitement and well wishes yesterday! I have to admit I am feeling a bit overwhelmed..and it has only been one day!!! Good news; we are still in business. I am sure it will take a few months for us to find our perfect groove..until then I will ride the wave.

Now on to the goodies...

Giveback #2

Any photoshoot pre-2010 (weddings, engagements, families, newborns...) who don't already own all of their images, can purchase:

high resolution jpeg/files for only $350!!

This is unheard of. My current a la carte price for a disc of high-res images is $1200. This would give you all of your images to print and archive.

Send me an email at with your name, the month and year your shoot took place and I will get back to you with a link to pay. Offer good until 11:59pm Tuesday, Oct 11th.

I will never offer this again. So if you are thinking...hmmmm if I just want a few years I can purchase my images discounted...won't happen. We have mouths to feed.

Starting January 2012 my new contract will state that I will guarantee storage of your images for 1 year, or until you receive a copy of the high-res images (whichever comes first). Of course, I still have every image stored that I have ever shot. EVER. But storage is getting out of control and once you all have the images it makes sense that the responsibility be transferred to you. Make copies, back them up or better yet PRINT THEM. Having tangible prints will be the #1 best way to save those memories for posterity. Trust me.

Yay for day 2 of Giveback Appreciation Week! This is fun.