Big Changes- Giveback #1- $500 Wedding Credit

(All with our current favorite cameras. Nova's is a limited edition vintage variety called the "nutty cam". It's in very high demand.)


I have (not) so patiently waited to share this stupendous news with you...

After years of us talking about it, Grant has decided to partner with me and join our photography business. As of today he is officially part of the crew.

This is HUGE news. Our excitement and gratitude at us being able to do this is pretty much through the roof.

Any of you who own your own business know that, whether they like it or not, your family is involved. I do not have a 9-5. I bring my work home with me. My work is at my home. I am my work.

As of now the changes will mostly be internal and things will mostly appear as the always have. We aren't changing the business name. You can still find us at "Rachel Thurston Photography". I will still be the one shooting. I will still mainly be the one you hear from via email or the blog. No need to worry, this change will only affect our dear clients in the best of ways.

Those of you we've had the privilege of working with the last couple of years might have noticed our growing pains. With the increased, and delightful, demand for my shooting time my days have been shortened and my turnaround times slightly increased. Then I went and had myself a my days felt less like 24hrs and more like 2. Things needed to change. I needed help. The timing was right. Nova and I batted our eyelashes and made our goodbyes to Dad as he left for his "job" more and more pitiful. Like the sirens we are, he had no choice (actually it was ALL his choice...but for the sake of my story)..he said YES.

This is the most important part...We are only able to do this becuase of all of the people, clients, friends and family who have supported us, trusted us, my photography and helped it thrive. We feel like the most blessed family there ever was. It will be a lot of hard work. It IS a lot of hard work. But we are up for it. We are ready and we are thankful for the patience you have all shown as we have gone through these growing pains..and we want to show our gratitude.

Today through Friday will be:

Giveback Appreciation Week

We will be offering a different Giveback daily, announced here on the blog and on Twitter. They are based around what my clients are asking for, have asked for or if I was looking for a photographer what I would want.

They will only be available for a specific time range, so check in daily to see if any of the givebacks are something you would want to take advantage of.

Let's start things off with a bang:

Giveback #1

Any new weddings booked in the next week that are taking place between today and April 30th 2012 will receive:

$500 credit to be used towards ANY product.

Albums, album upgrades, prints, engagement inserts, prints to display at your party/reception, upgrading your disc of images, a huge custom canvas print of your mother-in-law's face. ANY product.

Wedding contract must be signed and in our inbox by midnight PST on Oct 10th (next Monday night).

Shoot us an email for more information and pricing... and send inquiring soon to be newlyweds our way (hint: referral giveback later this week).


This is going to be a great week. Feel free to give Grant a warm hello.