5 Months

You turned 5 months old on the 18th.

This months photo shoot was not super fancy. Dad was at work, you gave me 5mins and wanted to MOVE the entire time.

You love to shake and bake.

You can't crawl yet but inch around on the floor.

I'm not sure how you do it but you can get to anything you want with a series of back arches, worm crawls and constant rolling.

Sitting on my legs use to be plenty of space but now I feel like you are expanding and our house is getting smaller.

You can sit on your own for a few seconds at a time.

Your hair looks so RED in these photos! How fun!!! PLEASE be a redhead.

This was the month of wanting to put everything in your mouth.

Grab, pull, put in mouth, slobber...in that order.

One word: teething.

Two words: no sleep

You were such a dreamy sleeper 0-3mos but then 4mos hit and we could finally relate to sleep deprived parents. So this month was a tiny bit more rough than others..but we still live for your happiness.

We felt a tooth that had squirmed it's way through your gums but then it disappeared!

At 4months you only weighed 11lbs. and at your 5mos appt 12.7lbs. You are on track developmentally so the consensus is You're petite. Who would have thought!?

Some said I should start solids but it didn't feel right so we didn't.

You giggle when we kiss your belly.

You smile non-stop. Except when you have to go to sleep.

At first when Gma T said you were "high-maintenance" it was hard to hear...because to me you were so easy..but the truth is you are high-maintenance but only when it comes to comfort. You rarely fall asleep in our arms. You ask to be swaddled and binkied before you slumber. And the white noise still reigns supreme. It's work..and makes it hard for us to be out and about during nap time but if it's what you still need then we will give it to you.

You did wean yourself from the swing this month. Yay!

Now time to ditch the swaddle & binky. Do we rip like a band-aid or gently pull?

You move around so much while you bathe, I don't think it will work to wash you in your puj tub for much longer.

We didn't take as many photos this month (photographer and Mom fail). I was just too tired.

Love that huge gummy smile!

Since I worked more this month you had more time with papa.

You started going on fun adventures in our yard with him. He lets you touch all the plants and you smile.

When I am away and he feeds you pumped bottles you now want to hold the bottle with both your hands.

Feet in your mouth! Feet in your mouth!

Changing your diapers is hard because I have to pry your toes out of your mouth in order to do it..and you are determined to keep them in.

You tell us when you are getting tired now by rub rub rubbing your eyes and getting chatty. The sound level of your chatter increases as you get more tired.

I love that you TELL us what you want. You know what you need and when you need it. We don't have to guess very often.

Your Aunt Anna came to stay for a whole month. It was awesome.

Your dad and I went on our 1st outing together and without you. Anna was your first babysitter. We saw Harry Potter and I checked my phone every 30secs.

I think you're starting to recognize your name.

You are starting to remember things...like what certain toys can do or games we play together. I love the look of anticipation that comes across your face.

Fun game we just started, "If I am your mama give me a kiss...if I am your mama give me a hug..."

You are 100% our Nutty. We are pretty sure this nickname will last. You are also my sweetsies, my precious, Nov's and the Do-Do's

Feeding is so much fun.

You have started to touch my face while you eat. I couldn't call it a stroke...more like a grab, scratch or pinch...but it melts me.

Sometimes you want your fingers in my mouth while you eat and I get to nibble on the tips of your fingers.

Sometimes you want your fingers in YOUR mouth at the same time you are eating. Hard to make that one work.

Spent a night away from you shooting a wedding in SF. It was hard.

Shot quite a bit this month so we spent more time away from each other. It was hard.

I had someone tell me in not so many words that "most" Moms don't have such hard time being away from their babies (like I needed help!). I was shocked, offended and then laughed it off. I am SOOOOOOO glad that I have the problem of wanting to be close to my child than the opposite. SO glad. I need breaks like everyone else and I take them but having you as close to me as possible feels the most natural. I need it and so do you. Maybe it has to do with us breastfeeding but whatever it is I love it and hope we always want to be close to each other. Always.

We still look at you with such wonder. How could anything be this beautiful...this perfect?

I thought I would miss all of your ages so much once they passed but I love who you are, in the moment, so much that I can't imagine you ever loving you more before or after....but it seems my love grows. Is that even possible?! When you were born I was completely 100% devoted and in love with you. I'm starting to think a parents love can't be quantified. I even think the word "love" doesn't do the description justice.

Until I discover a new word to describe the all consuming way I feel, just know, I love you my sweet daughter. More than anything.