Amanda + Tommy's Wedding

Wedding season is upon us...or at least my household..and this was my first wedding back post baby!! Can I just tell you how good it felt to get my wedding day on? With my trusty camera in hand and daylight in abundance I was back. The babe hung with her favorite pops and I kicked it with Amanda and Tommy.

These two are pretty great. They were so laid back and "go with the flow". Amanda was the opposite of bridezilla and Tommy's true self showed itself on the dance floor.

When I tweeted a week or so ago about leaving weddings feeling like a cousin, this was the wedding I was thinking about. Love these families. LOVE.

I should also mention that these two were moving to NYC right after the honeymoon. I am pouting at home. Wish I could come with. No offense Long Beach but New York City is probably the best city in the world.

Wishing Amanda and Tommy the happiest marriage in the universe!