Three Months

I've said it once and I'll say it again...have I been in some sort of time warp?! Where has the last 3 months gone?

So much has changed for you this last month

First things first, you rolled over! Supposedly this is not typical until a month from now. And most babies roll from their stomachs to backs first but you rolled from your back to stomach at only 11 weeks! It happened during our tapas party and we were all kind of freaking out.

Great, now I have to watch you closer on beds and couches. Damn our cement floors.

You sleep like a champ always 8-9hrs every night. Always asleep by 9 at the latest.

You still sleep snuggled between us which I still love A LOT. But you do kick A LOT.

Turns out most baby clothes are short and fat. This poses an issue since you are long and thin.

You will smile at anyone. I haven't seen a person scare you yet.

At first I was jealous when you smiled at other people besides me and Dad. Truth.

We still have the luxury of giving you our full attention during all of your awake time.

Sometimes we play on your new mat which you think is pretty awesome. You spooned with Winston on it the other night. Turns out you're pretty boy crazy.

You stare at the lights and music on your mat and like to droll all over the bold patterns.

You take your best naps in the morning. And usually swing it out from 9:30 until about 1ish.

You found your hands and like to have them in your mouth at all times. Sometimes they don't taste good apparently because you make icky faces when they first make contact.

When you are really upset (which usually only happens when you have gas) your arms are stretched out horizontal and your shoulder raise to your chin. Confession: I have been known to wait a few seconds before soothing you because you look so adorable crying. That face.

Dad calls it "doing the wiggles" were we shift your hips around to try and help those darn gas bubbles.

You make little sounds but your aren't super talkative yet.

You still love faces best. And you will follow me around the room when others are holding you.

You make a little squinty face when I feed you and now move around a lot more, scratching with your hands or stretching your arm up over your head so I can't see you while you eat.

You also look at me sometimes while you eat. At first it seemed like you were surprised I was up there. "What are you doing here?" But then always a huge smile as though you are thinking..."Hey! I was just thinking about you!"

Standing is your favorite. Stand while you burp, play, chat, cry..stand stand stand. I had a dream that you started crawling and then walking as a 3mos old. It was wild.

You also do this semi-crunch and Gma helped determine that you did it most when you are hungry or wanted your binky--which we call "binksies."

Speaking of words, things we say to you or call you lately are: "nooks" "do do" "the babies"..and the staple "excuse me". I also made up a little jingle, "calling all the milk eaters, calling all the milk eaters, calling the leader of the milk eat-ers". I guess you have to be there.

Mom has started shooting more so you have been hanging with pops while I work. You two are so cute together.

I did wear you in the wrap for one shoot while you slept. It was like the good ole days when you and I would shoot together..expect you were under my skin, not above.

I'm getting set for long shooting days away from you and there is a stash of liquid gold (aka: breast milk) in the freezer. I probably wont stop feeling stressed about it until there is a years worth!

So far I have given you EVERY feeding except like 4..when dad has bottle fed you just to make sure you will take a bottle.

We added it up and in the first 2months of your life the time spent feeding was 8 strait 24hr days. Um, ya. That's why I talk about feeding time so much.

I started putting felt bows and flowers in your hair with kero syrup...but the first time I did it, it was so secure you basically had a flower stuck to your head with sugar for 2 days strait.

Your dad blessed you in church this month and lots of visitors were here for the event.  Gma and Gpa Thurston stayed for 4 days! It was great. They got a lot of time with you.

Sometimes when I have the TV on I will catch you looking at the screen. Uh oh. TV is not for little babies.

I get anxious sometimes that I don't have enough clothes or toys for you. Or that you are too skinny and should be plumper by now. I get nervous if your eyes look red or there is a scratch on your skin. Every time I take you outside I wonder what in the air is touching you.

Truth be told you have never seemed like other newborns. You seem so much wiser to me. You are smart and aware and know how to communicate. I honestly feel like we are best friends.

We can talk or not talk and still find things not to talk about (it seems like I am doing most of the talking).

I do this thing were I pretend that I am going to eat you and then gnaw on your neck. You love it. Just the other day you started doing it back! You open you mouth super wide and come after me with the fury that only a breast fed baby can have...and then you smile and giggle. Interactive play time!! YES.

You have these eyes that look at everything with wonder and surprise. You have no negative judgment of others. Nothing is stupid or dumb. You have perfect love and acceptance. I have so much to learn from you.