Thank You

I just needed to thank everyone for the beautiful support and encouragement surrounding Nova's birth story. The comments, tweets and emails were overwhelming and validating. I am glad I shared.

Truthfully the main reason I wanted to share was based on what I needed before I gave birth...connection. Nothing helped strengthen my resolve more than knowing and hearing about women who had done this before. To feel connected to the rooted history of new life coming into this world. If everyone else can do it, why can't I? I received so much great advice and positive support. I feel like I need to pay it forward.

If I am low risk during my next pregnancy there is a very good chance I will try and birth again this exact same way...but my baby may have other plans. I couldn't force Nova to shorten my labor time anymore than I control a number of other factors. Healthy happy babies and mommas are the end goal.

Here's to warrior mamas and the babes that help shape them.

(I tried to respond to a lot of our comments on my blog. I hit reply to specific comments but I'm not convinced it actually emails the commenter?...I am also working on responding to all the emails. Thank you for your patience and please know that what I really want is to invite all of you over for lunch and a good long chat about childbirth. Hey! Maybe I should! Does anyone want to come? xxoo.)