7 Weeks at a Glance

This post is really more for us than anyone else. There was so many images of her first weeks, I thought this would be a good way to share a few (and believe me, this is only a few). So here it is, her first hour through 7th week at a glance.

Her first photo and one about an hour after birth. (birth story and more photos of labor coming soon!)

Dad's first diaper change.

Can you believe they make diapers this little?

This ring was a gift Grant gave to me during labor. Someday I will give it to her.

Grandma and Grandpa Thurston holding her day 1. They live too far away!

Her first time going outside!

An expression that perfectly describes how it feels to direct other people when taking photos of me with my camera.

Her first time in the office.

Trying to get work done..not very successful.

Our first walk as a family.

She was born like this...with her paw next to her head. Adorable.


Not super happy about her first bath.

Bathtime she now loves...once Mom and Dad figured out how to do it.

Her hair just dries like this most of the time.

Her first time at the beach.

Cousin love!

Major came to visit.

She loves her Papa.

The most gorgeous. The most.