Even though the title  of this blog post is "Nick"...The real reason I am posting is Lacie. Nick is one of my very best friends and has been since we were 17. Lacie, his younger sister, passed away a few days ago. Today they celebrated and honored her life at her funeral. It was too hard for me to go since it was out of state and I have such a small baby....but Lacie, Nick and the whole Odom family have been on my mind.

Nick and I were only ever friends. One of those rare boy/girl friendships that was able to stand the test of time. Although there was never any romance, I did fantasize about being a part of his family. I adored them. I wanted his sisters to be my sisters. I wanted Lacie and Keri. I wanted their parents. I wanted Lexie to never grow big and always want me to hold her. I really love that family. Now Nick has an amazing wife and 2 gorgeous children, that I love just as much.

So today I miss Lacie and my thoughts are with my sweet friend Nick.

Life is too short to surround yourself with people you only kind of care about. I am so grateful for all of my friendships. I am grateful I have people in my life that I really care about. I am grateful that I want to be there to cry with them when days are hard and celebrate with them when days are easy.

(these were the only photos I had on hand of us. Circa 1997 and 2004ish)