Finding Your Tribe

I was searching for Long Beach Pediatrician recommendations last night and came across this article on I loved this quote from the article,

" We truly are social animals; we need to be with other people to feel good, whole, and happy. It's worth the effort to create tribes, however small and imperfect they may be".

I love community and with my work and travel schedule sometimes have a tendency to look from afar but never really integrate myself. This article was a nice reminder of surrounding ourselves with others. Period. My social interaction usually consists of either SUPER social..huge photo shoots, lots of people or very hermit like behind a computer working. Having some consistent social interactions would be nice at times...especially as a new mother or father.

As a working mama I may not have the time to make it an everyday occasion but once a week bread making sounds delightful. Anyone want to come over?

(Also does anyone have good pediatrician recommendations for the Long Beach area? I'm pretty empty handed at this point.)