4 Baby Birds

Months ago I had an idea to shoot some "personality" studio stuff of my nieces and nephews. The idea was to get an everyday look and then gussy them up for a look that showcased their true selves. It kind of worked....I didn't have an assistant and my sister in law didn't have an assistant either. We ended up each growing about 8 arms. I tried to juggle shooting, helping to dress and style, making sure the kids didn't punch a hole through the paper background...which left me little to no time to perfect lighting. I had just enough time to aim the light and fire. I wanted a mid grey background and achieved it on most but due the the lack of time I had to make adjustments the light is all over the place...BUT despite the lack of exactness to my original vision the kids shined.

I think photography is my way of making it so they never have to grow up.

After we told them I was pregnant there was all sorts of questions. Among them Taylor wanted to know, "Will I still be your baby bird?". One of my first thoughts when I found out I was going to be a mother was of them...my baby birds. How could I choose another? How could I love another as much? Will our closeness fade? Will they grow up and away from me? My heart ached and aches with these questions. I've been told (believe me) that loving your own child is so different than loving nieces and nephews and while I don't disagree NO ONE and I mean NO ONE can tell me how much or how little I love these 4 baby birds. I will add more to love and it may be a new type and degree of love..but believe me when I tell you, I know what it means to love a child.

Now when we have a "love nest" while snuggling on the couch, I get a little bit closer and hold a little bit tighter. Things will change, as they should, but for now I am happy stopping time. I am happy being an aunt.

Lets start with Faith, our resident rockstar...

Standing in one place on a backdrop wasn't her idea of fun. She has never liked the idea being confined to a space. She knows no boundaries when it come to being close. She has always just wanted to love and be loved.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that she was the 1st grandchild and all we ever did was pass her around and stare at her. Now when she requests an audience for one of her many performances, I guess there is no one to blame but ourselves. We just can't help but watch. Since I have helped contribute to the problem I want royalties when she goes on her first tour.