Inspiration Award

Since 2000 OC Tanner has donated rings to all the Olympic athletes and staff. During the SLC Olympics they also donated all the medals. Donated every medal and every ring! Amazing. This year they invited the athletes to nominate someone who inspired their Olympic dream. Three winning nominations will be chosen and honored with a special ring designed only for them. I was lucky enough to be invited to work in conjunction with The Inspiration Award, and for three days in Vancouver photographed athletes. These photos will be shown along side their inspirational stories.

It was amazing to be able to hear some of these stories first hand and to meet and photography so many of the athletes...Shaun White, Lindsey Vonn, Louie Vito, Lindsey Jacobellis, Johnny Weir and Seth Westcott...just to name a few! It refreshing to be offered a look beyond all the "hype" and see the love of the sport through these eager and anxious Olympians. The amount of training and sacrifice and determination that all of them possess was awe inspiring. Not to mention they were ALL pleasant, down to earth and delightful human beings. I was so impressed.

Every time I see one of them in print or on TV, I get sympathy butterflies in my stomach. They all deserve the feeling of satisfaction after so much hard work.

Please go here and vote for your favorite stories. Vote as many times as you want and spread the word.

This is an amazing gift of recognition OC Tanner is giving and I was honored to be a part of it.

1. Katie Uhlaender

2. Steve Holcomb

3. Megan Sweeney

4. Nick Baumgartner

5. Emily Cook