Holiday Feast

I know I haven't been posting about the holidays much. I feel bad about that. I've just been playing catch up with the blog BUT I have been enjoying the month of December and wanted to prove it...

Last night we had some friends over for a holiday feast and white elephant exchange.
For Bunker's white elephant he gave a book with his photo on the cover. It was amazing...and so was the two tampons in the toothbrush holder and the wanted photo of Tiffany. Really good stuff.

Jared' gift was a portrait drawing on the spot. Ronin won and posed on the bed.
Everyone was fascinated by the lone baby at the mostly "singles" party and we all gathered in our room to watch Ronin and Jared in action. Our room is super tiny, but when 15+ people file in for some reason is seemed a bit more spacious.
I have to apologize for the lame/non existent photos of the party. I was busy being host and have to admit was enjoying catching up with friends too much to worry about my camera.

Thanks to everyone for coming and pitching in delicious food. Our friends are the coolest and the best looking.