Kauai- Part 1- What We Ate

Every morning we ate a papaya (sometimes 2) with lime and apple bananas.

Lau lau is my favorite Hawaiian dish. Usually consists of fish or pork wrapped in taro leaves and steamed. Sadly I usually have a hard time finding this and when I do it is in short supply. I should move there and sell lau lau out of a truck.

Banana Joe's. My guilty pleasure. But not so guilty really.

They have what they call "frosties".

The only two ingredients in this magical treat are frozen pineapple and frozen banana.

Blend the two together and out comes a delicious, creamy, all natural delicacy.

I think we came here 4 or 5 times. I hear I can make this exact same thing in my blendtec blender. I must try.

We found amazing chocolate haupia pie at a bakery Hanalei.

This place was a new find for me. Pat's Taqueria. A taco truck parked in the parking lot by the Hanalei pier. It was out of this world. We tried the carne asada and fish tacos and both were excellent. Full of flavor and spice. Pat Grenz, who once cooked at Bar Acuda, opened this joint because he wanted to run a place that serves the food he loves....and for that I love him.

...and there were gold fish. Parmesan gold fish to be exact. A girl should never go kayaking without them.

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