I love cookbooks. I read cookbooks. In fact the other night grant caught me reading every word, page by page out of my newest favorite, babycakes.

vegan, gluten free and mostly sugar free recipes. who doesn't want to have her cake and eat it too? lets get real, I am 30+ and this body is starting to need more tending to. I need to help it any way I can. a "mostly" sugar free life can't hurt. MOSTLY being the key word.

I am all about moderation, but these recipes make me feel like I'm splurging! we made the zucchini muffins and were in love! so dense and moist and wholesome tasting. made with spelt flour, flax meal, agave nectar etc... I will totally be making these again.

last night we made a peach and berry cobbler recipe from this same book, and were not as much in love. didn't really work for us. I think I just need to tweak it a little. I should probably just fly myself to nyc for a taste test at the babycakes bakery. that seems like the logical thing to do.

anyway, BUY it. then you'll have an excuse to shop at whole foods and by things like coconut flour and red food coloring made from veggies and fruits.

(I bought mine courtesy of uncle costco)