the one and only

this may be a really weird thing to post about, but I was at office max late last night buying some last minute office necessities, and looked for my all time favorite pen. NOT TO BE FOUND. I'm sure I will be able to find them somewhere else, but it really got be thinking....what would my life be like without these?

It has to be medium point bic and NOT the clear ones, WHITE body (is it called a body?...I don't really want to call it a shaft) and must be blue ink. black ink pens make me kind of sad, UNLESS it's a black sharpie, which makes me happy.

I just really love them, and have for years.

oh, and I am also obsessed with canned air. I have four cans of it sitting on my desk at this very moment.

what office supplies can you not live without? I need to know what else to had to my list.