sound of music sing-a-long

with friends we bought tickets for this ages ago and the day before I lost my voice bossing people around at a wedding. NOT COOL! sing-a-long? SING?! Even though I wasn't feeling my best grant and I made our way to the hollywood bowl. It was so fun! One of my all time favorite movies and everyone was singing along and cheering and hissing. It was magical. kind of reminded me of the same feeling I get when I am in a cycling class...everyone in it together. teamwork. mutual love. I think that's why I like group exercise so much. I love the feeling of a shared cause.

I tried shreaching out the first few songs and then my poor voice said no thank you. we only stayed till intermission, but it was worth every minute.

I must go to austria and dance around on that hilltop, voice intact.

(found this clip on youtube..not the best quality but you get the idea)