yosemite- labor day weekend

ansel adams isn't the only one who can take yosemite landscapes. so can YOU!
lil' banan joined us for family fun. she was lovin sharing a tent with the newlyweds. I had no choice but to sleep smashed in the middle...but guess who was toasty and warm?

brilliant food tent. bye bye bugs.

sometimes grant carries a lot of electronics.
I didn't take very many photos this trip becuase unfortuantly I wasn't feeling too well. allergic reaction on my lip, upset stomach and motion sickness. wristbands as proof.
happy baby.
did you know they can catch bears in this contraption? makes me kind of sad to think about it. oh, also there were signs everywhere that said, "driving slowly saves bears"....true... but what about, "people beware! a bear might eat you!" I want to protect the bears but I also want to protect myself.

swimming hole. icy water...but we were brave and dipped in.

my fish, mountain river or ocean.

love this one of half dome. want to backpack it and maybe sleep in a hammock off the side of a cliff.

took a short STEEP hike to vernal falls. ate lunch on top of a rock.

nanny goat bought anna her own raft but the water level was so low we didn't use it. she was very sad not to use her special boat for special people.

I think I was wearing 5 layers at this point. I should have taken measurements.
(ps. thanks to anna for taking photos of me so I can remember how ridiculous I looked)

one of the best things about camping, cooking over a fire. tinfoil dinner night.

on the way home stopped at a little food fair. had these aweseme smoked pulled pork nachos with bbque sauce, ranch and a coleslaw salad on top. SO delicious.
we also tried a navajo taco. ok, but not the best. the bread was too fluffy.
of course we had to get the baby boy a hand dipped corn dog. when you look this good in your 30's you can afford a little grease.

thanks hugh and nancy for inviting us. we had a great time. next time more photos and more star time. next time winter at the ahwahnee?