lisa & rodney- reception- san clemente, ca

wedding days are happy and fun (for the most part) and this one was no exception. there's a party, good food, people crying, people laughing, me making people kiss.....but really what I enjoy most about photographing weddings is the intimate look I am allowed into relationships.

I get to spend more time with a new husband and wife on their first day of being married, probably more than anyone else. I get to see them calm each others nerves and look at each other with "new" eyes. I am there to witness a mother and fathers emotion as they kiss their grown child and watch them embark into yet another unknown. I don't really just consider myself a photographer on a wedding day, because I do think that part of my job is to help create a positive environment for everyone I am working with and around. I'm not afraid to give a pep talk or fix hair or yell at the kitchen when it's obvious the bride needs help. I love my role. I love bonding with people in a raw, intimate way. high emotions= being real= no room or time for superficial. ideal situation for ol' rachel.

I think lisa and rodney are great. I loved the bonding that lisa and I did. I am an astute observer (by profession) and I can sense a very happy life for these two. huzzah!