the cripe family

this is the way, in my opinion, a family should be photographed. in their home, comfortable and doing what they normally do.

I don't have kids yet, but when I do I can only imagine I will want to remember them being themselves....and not being forced to take photos that tell nothing of their personalities or age.

this family really impresses me. they are classy, but down to earth. stylish but functional. they were great to work with.

they let me reek havoc on their home, and trusted me to shoot. this is key, they "trusted" me. don't hire me if you are worried I won't photograph something the way you want. hire me because you trust I will (this of course involves healthy communication), but you get what I'm at. when a client lets me shoot, I can use my instinct, get my creative juices flowing and let myself be inspired. thank you for letting me do just that. I'm not saying it's a perfect science yet, but at least the flaws are genuine.

cripe family, I know you love black and white photographs, but I couldn't bring myself to lose the color. I have a color addiction. I also have a cripe addiction.

love, love, love your kids. love, love, love your family.

(if you are interested in having me document your family, or anything at all, please email me at for rates)