henriksen family shower

I have been wanting to post a THANK YOU to all my henriksen family for the fabulous shower they had for grant and I.

there happened to be the perfect sunday night to have it when we were in utah for work about a month before the wedding. I had mentioned we didn't want any gifts, BUT instead would love favorite recipes. It was a great idea if I do say so myself! we received tons of amazing recipes that I am dying to try.

so thoughtful and so personal. I love being able to see my cousins and aunts handwriting on certain recipes. I really am way into the "tradition" of food and it means so much to me to have everyone share a little of of their "tradition" with us.

check out grandma and grandpas photo on grandma's swiss cheese fondue recipe. I miss my grandpa.
aunt deanne and uncle bob's family invited us over before the shower for a delicious home cooked meal. It was SO delicious. roast and homemade rolls (see how happy I look holding the basket of rolls?). they were naughty and bought us some gifts even though I said not to. I love our cookie sheet with a cover! brilliant! with our parents serving serving as mission presidents in fort worth, it means so much to have our extended family take us in and help take care of us. It's weird not being to go "home" for sunday dinner. thanks wilde bunch. we love you!

the shower was an open house at grandma's and SO many people came. since we were having a more intimate wedding this shower was a way to celebrate with those not attending the wedding day festivities. we talked and bonded and grant did very well with my huge family....it can be kind of intense. my aunt amy and aunt peggy write poems for couples in our family when they get married. they read ours at the shower and usually have a hard time getting through it without crying. we love to cry in this family. (click on the poem to read).
how great is that! I love the part about mikaphone...and grant being a perfect child. pray our future kidlens take after their pop. thanks amy and peggy!!

I know we use to have this rule for this side of the family that when you say "thank you" at the shower it counts as a real thank you.....do we still that? can this count as my formal thank you for all of the amazing shower love? do you all know how much you mean to me?

I have been blessed with a truly phenomenal family. like all of us, I have had my ups and downs with life and they are there to cry with me when it's hard and cry with me when it's great, for that I feel truly blessed.