bigger images

I need to figure out a way to customize my blog so that I can show slightly bigger images. I DON'T want to have to use another site to make this happen....can't I just configure the image size through blogger?!

any suggestions? what has worked for everyone else?

I've tried this, found on friend heather's blog

While in your post, click on "edit Html". Then look for this set of's the code for the picture you just uploaded.

Now delete this section of code--everything circled above. After deleting the indicated code, your html for your picture should look like this:

Now it's time to change the size of your photo. You can choose from s400, s576 or s640 depending on the look you want and the parameters of your blog. Try a few on for size and see what works best for you. See below picture for the section of code you'll want to change during this final step.

All in all this should take you about 30 seconds.

BUT it doesn't work for me! my code looks a little different. so I just tried changing the pixel size withing the HTML code, but it ends up making the image look icky.