thanksgiving for the new year

some of the best subjects for a photo EVER!

mom's homemade pumpkin pie and one of my favorite pass times, watching through the window.
if you want to print a thanksgiving roll basket wall size, let me know. I understand.
kitchen window. strange things seemed to appear....

baby wright was OBSESSED with being perched on the window, sink sprayer in close to figuring it out..
faith's adorable place cards. she is so creative. best party director hands down.
family prayer (staged!!!!...they loved waiting for that one)

the perfect bite. one of g's and I's favorite challenges.
faith got the whole family outside playing "shark". tag game with safe spots. I had a good time not trying very hard, but grant was sliding and sweating and tripping kids to get to safe spots.
have you ever seen sneakers that white?! I'm impressed dad. what is your secret?

saying goodbye can be hard. goodbye thanksgiving. goodbye christmas, BUT saying hello can be very fun. hello 2009. hello getting married. hello photo projects. so many things I am excited to say hello to. It's going to be a good year.

later 2008.