oh somebody's had a birthday!

..our dear little kateford dear! may father in heaven bless her throughout the coming year!

happy birthday to my first younger sibling. thank you for being a girl. thank you for having the cutest voice EVER when you were little. thank you for saying on the home video "makes me wanna crrrryy". thank you for letting me dress you in doll clothes and push you around in my buggy (I was in baby heaven). thank you for making valentines day memorable for "many" reasons. thank you for appreciating good music, good food, good books and good jokes. thank you for being deep. thank you for loving "little women". thank you for having the most beautiful long golden tresses known to man or robot. thank you for hiding with me under the kitchen counter when we wanted to hid from helping with dishes. thank you for understanding what I mean when I say, "obedient children" or "7x7=49". thank you for sleeping with me on the street during the blackout in NY. thank you for forgiving me when I make stupid mistakes. thank you for wanting to protect our family. thank you for "speciba" (sp) and "lou blu" (sp). thank you for jumping on my tramp with me in your red footie pajamas. thank you for being an amazing aunt to my kids someday. thank you for being the better person always, but pretending that I am sometimes. thank you for having a name like, kate. it fits you perfectly.

25 was one of my top years. you're going to love it. thanks for being born to me as my sister forever and ever more. amen.

ps. I'm glad I get to see you today! maybe I'm with you as you are reading this!

(I am the the one with brown hair, kate, with golden tresses........also notice the sheet under our sleeping bags, I think they are star wars sheets! yes!)