the wedding of emi and kort- los angeles, ca

I haven't posted for a few bad. I am making it up by throwing up a huge ginormous wedding.

it has taken me a couple of days to tackle this beast. so many images to edit through. I really loved re-living a wedding while I look through the images. I am so busy on the wedding day that I don't really get a chance to "enjoy" the wedding till I am looking at the photographs.

this wedding was traditional with some non-traditional touches..alternative music during the ceremony instead of classical, cupcakes instead of a cake and the best part was stand up comedians as entertainment. I was skeptical at first when I heard about this, nervous that if it wasn't funny it could flop. luckily, they were hilarious! I was laughing, my trusty assistant grant was laughing and every guest was as well. it was a hit! I would highly recommend them. the comedian duo basically get details on the spot about your story and then proceed to improv a musical about it. amazing. I was so impressed and LOVED that it was something I had never seen at a wedding before. good job emi and kort!....oh and although it was suppose to be funny (and was), it was still emotional enough that it actually brought tears to emi's eyes (refer to photo with laughter and tears). priceless. I will post the comedians information once I find it.... (have to clean this desk).

you two are so great. I loved becoming friends with both of you and wish you all the happiness life can give. xxoo.

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