white family- laguna beach

this family is seriously awesome.

I photographed their wedding almost exactly a year ago and even on that very day, when I didn't really know either of them, I felt like I did. they are so gracious, laid back and just all around beautiful people.

their son riley is so adorable. I love the fact that both of his parents practically grew up in the ocean and he doesn't want to come within 20 feet of it. he would scream and point to land any time we even approached foam...but as you can see as long as we were a healthy distance away he was super easy to photograph. by the end of the shoot he had lost all fear (and I dare say may have developed a crush) and was all up in my wide angle's grill...made for some GREAT images.

thanks you guys for yet another fun saturday at the beach house.

(psss. this location is where we will be having our wedding dinner/party....I am seriously freaking out over it. private beach cove, complete with a fire pit inside the beach house!!! thank you so much m & p!! xxoo)