What it must be like for a child to have to be confined to a single seat in a stuffy airplane for hours is beyond me.

I know there are those people who cringe when a child is screaming a few rows behind them on a plane...and I'm not trying to be a saint when I say this, but I usually feel tremendous amounts of sympathy for much so, that I have to restrain myself from wanting to try to calm the child myself. Maybe its the budding mother in me or maybe it's the bad parenting techniques I see implemented.

I think this child's airplane ride was different. He was so happy..and I dare say content. He lives most of the time in Utah (I think) with his mother and then comes to stay with his dad in LA once a month. Maybe he has become accustomed to airplanes being that he is constantly on them..or maybe he just likes to chill with his dad.

I liked peaking into these two's relationship for an hour or so. Sometimes I wonder how the little guy is and I hope he is still just as happy.