MacIntyre Family

I have been crushing on this family since we first met a couple years ago. Yes, they are cool and have great style and blah blah blah...but who cares? They just feel good to be around. Their home just feels good. Their conversation just feels good. The way they parent just feels good.

A short few weeks after this shoot a sweet baby girl joined their family. Mama delivered that baby ninja style in her home. Getting tucked into your own bed after giving birth is pretty amazing.

I know for people shooting this far along in a pregnancy feels weird...why not just wait until the baby comes? Well, I hear you. I do. But I think the moments "before" are so special. So much excited energy and appreciation for what is and was. It is about being in the moment and preparing as a united front for the change to come.

Big big love to this family and all the goodness that surrounds them.

All images shot on the contax 645 on portra 400 pushed a stop. Developed by The Find Lab.